Remarkable Features of the 2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata


Mazda has always been considered as an icon for implementing new trends in the automotive sector.  Though it never tried to fill up its product list with innumerable model names, it stayed focused on making vehicles that contribute largely to its own segment. The segment of sports car too got the name Mazda under its umbrella and the MX-5 Miata is the model name that holds the symbol of this brand. 

Now that the MX-5 Miata model series is running its 2021 model year edition, Mazda has not only continued in this masterpiece all the cheerful driving characteristics that essentially count it as a sports car but also has refined each of its aspects, by making the necessary changes time to time, analyzed the Mazda dealer Glendale

What Makes the 2021 Model Year Edition Special?

The 2021 edition of MX-5 Miata is special mainly because this year Mazda is celebrating its 100th year of launch. This has encouraged the brand makers to elevate all its flagship models with some significant changes. For the MX-5 Miata series, Mazda added to its lineup a new Anniversary Edition that would escalate the value of the range topping Grand Touring models. 

With the 2021 model year edition Mazda offered to the buyers of the MX-5 Miata a wide range of options at every stage. Right from the body style to the technology features, one gets to customize the Mazda sports car model to the extent, one can afford. So, you start from choosing between the soft-top and the hard top out of which the former comes as the standard body type, while the latter can be ordered at an extra price. 

The next level of options comes in choosing the gearbox, which is yet another vital point when it comes to configuring your favorite sports car. All the sport drive moments depend on this particular choice. For the 2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata it is either a six-speed manual transmission or the automatic version of the same. But the latter is seen to be more popular in this case, since sports car owners are mostly drive enthusiasts.

Choices can also be made on its exterior paint color, like if you want it to appear in Snowflake White Pearl Mica with a red interior, which is the latest addition, or one from the existing ones. But irrespective of the color combination you choose, you are entitled to enjoy a cabin soaked in comfort, where fine leather upholstery wraps the seats. Mazda also offers the option to decorate your 2021 MX-5 Miata model with special badges of the brand applied on the steering wheels, fenders, headrests, floor mats, and on the key fob.

Unbeatable Performance

As a sports car model from a renowned auto making brand like Mazda, the 2021 model year edition MX-5 Miata fits in a SKYACTIV-G vector controlled 2.0 DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine ideally paired to a VVT, together generating 181 hp @ 7,000 rpm and. 151 lb-ft of torque @ 4,000 rpm. With this power train components on board, the 2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata takes only 5.7 seconds to raise a speed 60 mph from a dead stop, reported the Glendale Mazda dealership

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