Magazines and SEO blogs are no doubt amongst the popular way to learn about anything that is related to the search engine optimization. The industry keeps on evolving continuously and it is very crucial to keep yourself updated on any news and acquire all the knowledge that you can. The quantities of the content keep on growing every year and it is very difficult to know that which content one should begin with. This is the reason we have come with some of the best-picked lists of the latest and relevant blogs that one must not miss.

Top SEO Blogs That You Will not Regret Reading

Here are some of the best SEO blogs that every blogger must read. Take a look at each of them

  1. Moz

Talking about the total generation of the SEO, Moz can definitely be said as the leader of the industry. No can doubt their ability to plan a strategy in order to provide huge and educational content for those who are interested in the search engine optimization. A special attention is given to the iconic whiteboard Friday series with the former CEO of Moz.

  1. Search Engine Land

In today’s era, the Search Engine Land is a solution to the MarTech Today and Marketing Land. All of these are published by the Third Door Media. Just as same as Search Engine Journal, the page focuses on the daily news that is gained from across the world of search engines and online marketing. All of these blogs are written by the external marketing experts and Search Engine Land Staff from many different fields.

  1. Backlinko

Backlinko is also known as the Brian Dean which is a very famous name in the world of SEO.  He was only one that made the skyscraper technique quite a popular one and has really proved everyone that quality really beats quantity in every aspect. Although the articles posted by him are very rare when it is posted, one can be sure that the topic covered in the article will be from the top to bottom. The best part is that the content keeps on updating on a regular basis so one can return to the guidelines whenever they want. To give a better perspective his recent post had over 19,000 Twitter shares and over 900 comments.

  1. Search Engine Watch

The Search Engine Watch is one of the best ones and focuses mainly on the guidelines and the news as well as tutorials that are driven from the world of SEO. The website has been structured very beautifully which is generally based on the serially arranged categories.  This is because one can easily search or browse the articles just by writing the names in which you are interested the most.

  1. Search Engine Journal

The Search Engine Journal is no doubt the most popular community that is based on the portal which consists of SEO’s experts that come from all over the world. These experts are expertise in guides, articles and keep on analyzing about how to relate terms to SEO. Over the past few years, the Search Engine Journal has built quite a huge number of readers and their articles are shared by a large number of audiences. The engagement in the comment of the articles, on the other hand, is a little bit low.

  1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is among those top most people who is an investor, entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant as well as an advisor. The blogs created by him took almost 21 months to be to get the 100,000 visitors per month. Another of his page got around 9 months to get 100,000 visitors each month. He has two SaaS analytics company CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics which are very user-friendly sites. KISSmetrics helps in improving the metrics that matter most for any business. This website is one of the most popular among all internet marketers & bloggers.

  1. GotchSEO Blogs

If there is another site that you would love for recent SEO updates and bytes of information, then you need to check out GotchSEO Blogs. There is no doubt that it is one of the favorite content sites for visitors who would like to have a little bit more information about SEO.

So, there you have it, people. Here were some of the best blogs that you need to read about SEO.

If you are the owner of a website and you need the visitors to visit your site. The traffic on the website shows the benefit and popularity of the online business. It also shows the behaviour of the customer which can help you in calculating the marketing strategy. With the better strategy, you will earn the better ranking in SERP.   

The fundamental idea behind the SEO is to lift the rank of the website by increasing the traffic. But to check the traffic of one website over 1.24 billion is quite a tough job, so will you ensure that your website is holding a good traffic?  

However, there are a variety of SEO courses online available over the internet which gives comprehensively detailed tips, tricks and tactics such that you can deploy them to increase the traffic. Although, in this article, we will cover some of the topmost SEO trips to drive and increase the traffic on the website:

  1. Short URLs
    Once the owner has a highly optimised content the common mistake they do is generating a long URLs so rather than that start making the short URL. This will give you the benefit in searching the page quickly. To be precise, shorter the URL, lesser will be the time taken to come on the right page. For example, addresses like will be lesser effective than the In case, your URL hold a different type of words then, use a hyphen instead of underscore.  
  2. Choose the keywords wisely
    Always select the keyword according to the business as it is the most crucial part of the business on which the benefit of the company depends. You can say, the keyword can be termed as the trigger for the search connections. Despite all of this, the excessive usage of a keyword may lead to backfire for the business as the search engine will receive the wrong indication and might think that you are playing the game with the system and unfortunately, in result lowers the rank of the website. 
  3. Reduce the possibility of link decay
    Link decay means reducing the probability of the value with time. We all know, the link is the important part of search engine algorithms. In simple words, a backlink got from the content around ten years ago will not be of the same value as it was at that time. So, in case you earned 300 backlinks four years ago and have stopped producing the links and the other one who has just received 100 backlinks just a few days ago will have the more possibility in gaining the search engine results. Why? Because of the latest new links. So, what you can do to overcome this type of situation?

It’s simple, just produce a content which is evergreen. In this way, the content will continue generating the backlinks.

  1. Aim for diversity
    Today, most of the search engines are looking into the details behind the backlink.  It was not that easy as years ago when the only thing matter was “Link”, from where it came, how generated, were the least priorities. Whereas the links can be gained in many different ways such as Press releases, Blog commenting, infographics publishing, bookmarking sites, guest blogging, footer backlinks, social media profiles and much more. So, in case you are gaining the backlinks through one method then you need to change the medium as it can lead to a higher possibility of risk.  
  2. Implement XML sitemap
    Usually the search engine looks at some certain things when the website is ranked or indexed and in case those things are not up to the mark than the ranking is reduced by the engine. So, to improve the indexing function you can take help from the XML sitemap. There are many types of web building tools which provide the indexing function and gives the importance to the special pages by existing within the structure.
  3. Use of Robots.txt
    The list contains the files which shouldn’t be concerned while making the indexing faster. And according to that, it eliminates all those parts which are for internal users and for partners.
  4. Update SEO strategy
    In case you are using the same tactic from the longer duration and receiving the same type of response, the same type of links then there is a chance that organic search traffic will stop evolving. As long as you hold the same strategy lesser effective it will become with time. Why? Because it might have become so common that every second person is using it and is no longer giving the efficient output. Hence, you need to upgrade the SEO strategy to receive the better response in the form of traffic.

Closure Words:

The most interesting thing which makes SEO different is the topology which keeps changing with time. Tricks and tactics which worked years ago will not work today, to make the unique place then you need to evolve and eliminate the older strategy. The main thing is the designers of the search engine are constantly adapting to earn more and how to make cash by manipulating. Thus, the site which is SEO-friendly at some time will be less with time. That’s why it needs an expert understanding of SEO to gain the best-ranking website.  

There are different sorts of objectives which make it extremely significant for the companies. It is critical to track the progressions that you make nearby and off-site to see their effect on the rankings. This incorporates a wide range of changes, including things like changing to https and notwithstanding going versatile. When you can relate the rankings and the endeavours you make about search engine optimization, you can see the progressions that realize a constructive outcome and the ones that don’t. You can centre around the positive regions and let the rest go.It is in every case great to make a record of exceptionally vital changes at the site in the following tool that you are utilizing. This causes your property the variances inside the rankings.
There are various tools such as Google rank checker that let you add the distinctive occasions besides the data reports.

You Can See The Keywords And The Page That Brings Sales And Visitors:

You can see the keywords by analyzing that are really presenting to you the activity that you are focusing on the site. This will enable you to pick keywords astutely later on. You can discover great keywords that depend on terms which have a tendency to perform well and after that objective similar words in different pages that you may possess.

With SERP checker, you will have the capacity to organize some website optimization endeavours and after that attention on the pages and watchwords that are generally profitable.

Get A Comprehension About The Things That Are Causing Changes In Deals And Traffic:

In the event that the deals or the visits at the site go down or up, it is essential to discover why. Top keyword ranking can be among the numerous things that can influence this. Keep an eye on the execution in the natural search as this can enable you to avoid misfortunes in transformations and movement, if positioning drops are spotted early, you can counteract misfortunes.

Spotting Changes In Calculation Early:

When you rank track, you will have the capacity to spot updates of spot web index changes and also SERP shakeups early. You would then be able to respond to changes rapidly and grasp a website optimization system to a specific change in calculation. This causes you not to go down in the list items. Try not to disregard even the littlest changes that may just influence your speciality or industry.

A portion of the issues that can be experienced incorporate personalization. All things considered, personalization doesn’t influence keyword ranking much. This sort of personalization ought to thusly be discarded in order to have results that are practical.

Free SERP checker is an astonishing tool to get such a great amount from a site that you may have truly buckled down for. The customized racking might be an awesome arrangement. it regards comprehend what it is about before you pull out all the stops.

Are you starting to notice some drop in your regular traffic recently? If your answer is “yes” then you have to implement some extra work on your website design to make it mobile-friendly. According to a report, major search engines like Google, Being and Yahoo have announced that, they are changing their search engine algorithm to boost the rankings of mobile friendly websites to take their SERP to the next level. As per their survey report, there are more mobile searchers that desktop in the web world and they are going to make their search engine easy to use and mobile-friendly.

Here in this article, I’ll tell you about the possibilities of a mobile-friendly website to take advantages of SEO and to stay ahead in the world wide market on web. Here we go.

Responsive Website


There are many changes you can see if you are opening your website in your mobile devices. It’ll get more responsive for your visitors to make their struggle easy to find the appropriate part of their needs. The multiple columns of your website will become into one column to select their desirable option. Your website and images can be reposed or changed according to simplification of appearance and the navigation menu can be condensed according to devices space and view.

Mobile Friendly Data

All of your website content images and looks will be same for your visitors. It just come-up with a modified visual which looks better in a tiny screen. So, make your design simple to make it more comfortable for your visitors and also for SEO. A simple design can crawled better and regular by Google crawler and you can get sure about quick indexing for your web pages.

Mobile Optimized Site

This option is a separated version of desktop website. For the latest trend of 2018, you have to implement this option to your website to get it well-optimized. There are 70% of views are now comes from visitor’s mobile device, because it is easier to touch your smart phones rather than a desktop computer or laptop. There are many trusted SEO services companies you can find who works only to optimize your website for mobile version. It is a tough job to do but once it starts to get ranked then you can see vast increase in your traffic.

Cost Effectiveness

Finally, when it comes in the matter to invest your money to create a business website, the responsive website cost higher than a mobile friendly and mobile optimized website and you can save a lot of money in the long run. But you need to have sufficient knowledge about how to make the website mobile friendly. Just need to make your website lighter and simple to avoid bad page loading time in mobile devices. It can be causes rejection from your visitor’s end.

Apart from all SEO advantages, there are many benefits you can have by making your website mobile-friendly. So, sail with the latest digital marketing trends and remember those points in your mind while you are about to create your Business website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Whenever we viewed on the digital marketing in the recent several years, we may have the pay attention to the word “SEO is inactive”. Additionally, absolutely nothing can be even more from this fact Search engine Optimization continues to be the centre of the website to get the best-targeted traffic for any website and it can be continued being a compulsory aspect of the long year. The “inactive” part of SEO is analyzing to adjust the power and signs the fact that search engines utilization for any ranking sites. A search engine like Google and other search engine are already captured onto operate indicators and targeted on reducing all impact of the tricks and penalizing such websites that are already used these kinds of methods, specifically in excessive.

Importance Of SEO

Importance Of SEO

Search engine optimization Related, Helpful and significant.


From the useful form, on the other hand, Search Engine Optimization ensures how the website is pursuing unique, suitable techniques to make sure that Google & other search engines can easily see and ranking the website. Placing a different way, Search engine optimization is tagging or enhancing the website so the search engines identify it as a suitable, beneficial, and essential in respect towards the question requested by a user. if the search engine founds which the website is significant, helpful and related this will likely result inside the rank of the SERP’s i.e. search engine result pages.

Begin using a technique

Developing a Search engine optimization technique is a lot like organizing your function. The greater idea you place into who you prefer to show up and how you’re proceeding to allow them to understand your occurrence, the more effective you’ll be.SEO Technique must be correctly prepared, as well as organizing success in a favourable result, therefore the subsequent need to be maintained in my brain when performing:

  • Targeted client
  • Place
  • Exactly where would they expend over and above the time when they’re on the internet
  • What exactly is the related phrases and conditions applied to research the particular URL
  • There purpose regarding the issue

Improve the site

As soon as the technique continues to be positioned in a perfect location then it must be in require to boost the website, performing this is certainly like right after the guidelines and recommendations detailed.

In addition, it could be like to expect SEO to start the website on the no1 of the search engine within the overnight time, as it normally takes some time to link the site with the different backlinks that can come in online and offline backlinking the page.

Please take a glance at the basic principles methods to boost the website in a suitable way-

  • Related Headings and Meta Information must be taken
  • Up-To-Date Sitemap must be presented
  • The suitable material on the webpages
  • Keywords and phrases should be specific correctly
  • Get links from higher working sites.

These methods must be taken very purely to really make the website performing successfully as well as have an advantage of obtaining a website in words of the payoff of customers.

You are able to learn much more about search engine optimization by doing digital marketing course of Wamp Institute

Regardless of whether you know about SEO still you may need to secure the administrations of a capable SEO association. Having smidgen learning of SEO would not be useful today the same number of new norms have set by the Google. To meet that models just an expert SEO specialist company can encourage you and accomplishing a decent positioning objective for your online site. For beginners, they have to comprehend that their site ought to be totally upgraded for various components. Not just this, you additionally need to keep up it on standard premise which is a significant riotous activity for a person. As you most likely are aware SEO is a consistent procedure which fuses a colossal arrangement of exertion and time. With a specific end goal to keep the things straightforward, utilizing SEO administrations offered by a presumed company would be a superior choice for you.

There is an extensive variety of SEO associations which are solid and dependable. In this way, picking a privilege SEO company is critical. Here are sure essential focuses that you should remember while going to pick a SEO administrations supplier.

Website analysis guide

Choosing a SEO firm which gives site assessment guide would be helpful for you. You can scan for a dependable SEO Company in Delhi as it offers its customers with broad assessment of their destinations, about plan structure and positioning. For this, the greater part of the SEO associations plays out the webpage review to know how much function requires to be done with a specific end goal to enhance the positioning of your site. They additionally investigate and exhort diverse angles with respect to outline, execution and substance.

Tools to figure out keyword

What instruments ought to be utilized to discover the best watchwords? Do they give an aggressive edge over different organizations? The correct choice of watchwords matters a considerable measure in SEO so; just an expert can help you in choosing top positioned catchphrases for you. By employing the best SEO Company in Delhi, you have no compelling reason to consider such things they will do nearly everything for you. They have proficient with long stretches of understanding and learning in regards to propel apparatuses for examination and watchword look into through the use of catchphrase organizer in Google Adwords.

Back links to website

Back connections assume a vital part in SEO when contrasted with on location improvement. Rumoured SEO organizations know how to get top notch back connections from dependable sites which are exceptionally associated to your specialty. While discussing Search Engine Optimization Services in Delhi, its experts utilize best systems for acquiring back connections.

Do you have a dream to build a career in Malaysia? Have you done your degree and looking for a job? If yes, then you are at the right place. In such a competitive market it is not easy to find a job that offer you a bright future. You need to work hard in order to get a job in your dream company. There are so many top companies in Malaysia, which offers best opportunities to both fresher experienced candidates. But companies want best for their organization and you need to do your best in order to fulfill their requirements.

Below, I am going to mention few points that will help you to land a job in your dream company.

Let’s take a look:

  • Go with trend:

If you are a newbie to a particular city or country, then firstly you should take knowledge about job market. Start your research about the companies and job opportunities available there. This will help you to choose a particular field for you. This will increase your knowledge about companies and industries you want to work with. And for this need, you can either talk to a local person or seek the help of the internet.

  • Search for the different opportunities:

After getting knowledge about different industries, your next step must be towards finding a new job opportunity. Start searching about companies which offers jobs in malaysia in your field. For applying for the different vacancies you can rely on different online portals such as Monster Malaysia, Jobstreet, Indeed and many others.  Other than those sources, you can take the help of your network to know about different openings.

  • Be-prepare for the interview

Once you have done with searching and applying for a job post, start your preparation for the interview. After applying for a post you can get an interview call anytime, so it is better to be preparing with all the tactics to crack the interview. Start your preparation early for the interview and strong your communication skill to crack any interview. But it is important to be well-prepared with the complete information of the organization you want to work with, knowledge regarding your job, and arrive there with an impressive appearance.


By keeping these points in mind you can beat the competition in the market and can grab job in Malaysia.

Author Bio:

Khushboo Setiya is an online media enthusiast and a blogger who closely follows the latest Career, Job and online marketing trends. She writes about various related topics such as Digital marketing, SEO, Career guidance, Job Search techniques and much more.

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Web crawlers are a noteworthy wellspring of activity for general sites. That is the reason our clients frequently approach us for SEO tips and modules that can help enhance SEO of their WordPress locales. In this article, we will share 7 best WordPress SEO modules and instruments that will enhance SEO of your site. 


It is a standout amongst the most downloaded WordPress modules all things considered. Yoast’s WordPress SEO is an extensive answer to all your on-location SEO needs.  

It enables you to include SEO title, meta depiction, and meta watchwords to each post and page of your site.  

You can likewise compose a custom title for your principle site, files, classification and label pages. It likewise includes Open Graph meta information, Twitter Cards, Sitemaps and ping web indexes at whatever point you refresh your webpage.  

The rundown of highlights for WordPress SEO is to a great degree long. Look at why we utilize WordPress SEO on WPBeginner and every one of our sites. From that point onward, go to figure out how to introduce and setup WordPress SEO module. 


SEMRush is an instrument that Pros use to accumulate investigation and bits of knowledge from their rivals to help enhance their own SEO.  

You can find out about natural watchwords to rank for, places where you can get backlinks from, bits of knowledge into your rival’s publicizing systems, thus substantially more.  

SEMrush is a paid membership and is utilized by a great many SEO experts everywhere throughout the world. It can give you a colossal abundance of information. 

Google keyword planner 

Nobody on the planet has more bits of knowledge into what individuals are looking for than the pursuit monster Google.  

Did you realize that you can get your own watchword thoughts from Google itself by utilizing the Google Keyword Planner instrument?  

This free instrument is offered to Google’s sponsors for nothing and anybody can utilize it. It fundamental intention is to indicate promoters the catchphrases they can offer on for their publicizing efforts. It additionally enables sponsors to pick right catchphrases by demonstrating to them a gauge of hunt volume, number of results, and trouble level.  

As a substance advertiser or blogger, you can utilize this information to discover watchwords with high pursuit volume, high promoter intrigue, and all the more essentially catchphrases where you can without much of a stretch outrank every single other website. 

Watchword Tool is a standout amongst other free catchphrase looks into apparatus accessible at the present time. It enables you to just produce watchword thoughts by composing in a catchphrase. These catchphrase recommendations are assembled from Google’s auto propose to include.  

These catchphrase recommendations are a fortune of data. Google autocomplete recommend watchwords in view of how frequently a catchphrase is utilized for the inquiry. This implies the best most outcomes are the most as often as possible scanned terms on Google for that specific watchword.  

Watchword Tool is incredibly quick, and above all, it is totally free for anybody to utilize. You can utilize it to improve content on your WordPress site. It likewise enables you to get catchphrase recommendations from YouTube, Bing, and App Store also. 

Open site explorer 

Created by Moz, this free apparatus enables you to check information for any space name. You can see who is connecting to that space and what stay writings they are utilizing. Aside from that, Open Site Explorer offers an abundance of data like best pages, connecting areas, which pages are connected on your site, and so on.  

This instrument is free, however, has day by day look confines for every individual.  

To open the full power, you would require a Moz Pro Subscription which likewise gets you access to their different devices also. 


OutreachPlus is the best email outreach programming to pulverize your advertising objectives. It accompanies ground-breaking highlights like savvy personalization, computerized reactions, email bits of knowledge like open, answered, joins clicked, and the sky is the limit from there.  

It is super simple to utilize and has worked in email customer which guarantees that your messages don’t wind up in spam. You can include numerous email accounts, follow up prospects, and get a 360 degree perspective of your battles. This is an awesome device for contacting get backlinks, squeeze specifies and associating with influencers. This will enable you to develop specialist and bring movement for your site. 

Broken Link Checker 

Broken connections can make a terrible experience for your clients, as well as influence your site’s SEO. In the event that you have been running a blog for at some point, at that point, you should check your website every now and then for broken connections and fix them.  

Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress module that enables you to discover broken connections on your WordPress site. You would then be able to settle those connections without altering your posts. See our instructional exercise on the best way to settle broken connections in WordPress with Broken Link Checker.  

It is an exceedingly helpful module, and it’s thoroughly free. The main drawback is that it can move toward becoming asset concentrated and may back off your server. Some facilitating suppliers like WPEngine have effectively obstructed this module on their servers. 

There is an increase in the usage of mobile apps around the globe. It’s imperative to have a strong marketing strategy for apps. In order to succeed in this huge market- an app developer should learn to promote his app. SEO is an important factor for any business to promote online.

To begin with, it’s always important to utilize the search engine to your advantage by using the right keywords. This would help to make the cut and improve the visibility in search engines for your app. The agencies providing SEO Service in Delhi have a working strategy to market the mobile apps. Your app visibility is important while searching a pertinent topic. The title in the App store should be lucid and clear. Avoid complicated words, which are difficult to spell. Make it catchy and explain about your app in a simple way. Do not repeat or copy the name as it would destroy the uniqueness of the App. This could even lead to confusion among the users. The characters should be between 25 and 50.

Social media is not be ignored. In fact social media is a powerful platform which is extremely useful. Your friends on social media like Facebook and twitter can promote your app by word of mouth or simply by introducing it to their friends list. This would certainly increase the possibility to reach many users.

It’s vital to place the app in the right category. App Store Optimization (ASO) is very important. You can explore various categories and also use the ‘other category’ option. This is your discretion it depends if your app can benefit in increasing the categories. The ‘Category’ and the ‘Other Category’ should be properly utilized. It should be precise and well defined. The first category should be about the product and the ‘other category’ must be about the business.

App icon is the cover page and it plays an important role in mobile app promotion. Exercise your creative mind by designing an attractive app icon or you can hire a graphic designer. An attractive logo gives an impression of a high quality product. The icon should be simple to recognize and distinguish. Ensure that your icon is simple; avoid complicated design and use simple background. It is also important to check the icon around various wallpapers.

Reviews either negative or positive is important to promote your app. Online experts can influence the customers. If the app is worthed and the quality is impeccable, then the online experts will improve the credibility among the customers.