Buying new sets of wrist watch can be both exciting and stressful. It can be quite exciting knowing that you will have pieces of wrist watch to use and stressful because you may have a hard time choosing the best ones in the market. Instead of worrying about the quality and style of wrist watch you should get, focus on the enjoyable side of your shopping.

If you don’t have prior experience in women wrist watch shopping, you may find it difficult to choose the ones that will complement your personality and taste. Hence, in order to avoid the stressful phase of your shopping experience, you should take note of the dos and don’ts when it comes to wrist watch purchasing.

The Dos: Things to Do to Ace Your Wrist watch Shopping Experience

Do consider the quality – You want to purchase wrist watch items that will last for a long time and can survive wear and tear. Since wrist watch items are among the most abused items, you should only buy pieces that are made of finest and most durable materials. You may want to be brand-conscious when it comes to wrist watch shopping; go for the brands that are known for producing durable pieces in order to be sure that what you will buy will last long.

Do search for items online – Instead of limiting your choices to the collections of local wrist watch dealers in your area, you may want to expand your options by searching for different items online. There are many online businesses that sell quality wrist watch items made from different countries. You may want to check these companies’ websites where perhaps you can find better quality items.

Do consult an expert – If you don’t have a creative bone in you, it would be better to consult with a professional designer or wrist watch expert to help you decide what type of women wrist watch to purchase. Not all wrist watch items can work in your workspace since some may not blend well with the area’s layout, design, and style. This is why it is important to consult with a professional as it will help you in buying the right ones for you.

The Don’ts: Things You Should Avoid If Shopping for Wristwatch

Don’t sacrifice quality for design – Some people may get easily lured by the stylish and lavish design of some wrist watch items while discounting their quality. One of the most common errors wrist watch shoppers do is that they get easily carried away by the aesthetics whereas they should be prioritizing the quality and function. In order to ace your wrist watch shopping, do not settle for good-looking wrist watch; always go for stylish and quality pieces.

Don’t be an impulsive buyer – The wrist watch you will buy should last for the longest time and provide you all the necessities you would need from it. Hence, you should plan and prepare. Know what type of wrist watch items you have to purchase. It is also crucial to come up with a budget plan to avoid overspending on certain items. Keep in mind that the pieces you will buy are an investment so you should buy wisely and soundly.

Don’t forget to ask your employees – Since the fixtures you will buy will be used by your employees, their suggestions and ideas are important. By asking your employees about the wrist watch items they need, you will have a better grasp on things, allowing you to buy the right ones.

Wrist watch shopping should never be a hard day’s task if you know what to do and not to do. In case your wrist watch items are due for replacement, keep in mind the tips above and you can be confident that you will ace your shopping experience.

Healthy skin may look like a regular hustle. This gives a chance to synthetic loaded beauty care products, push and ill-advised dietary patterns to assault and grab off skin’s characteristic brilliance and sparkle. Since way of life and healthy skin contributes incredibly not exclusively to your looks yet additionally on how you feel about yourself, you should deal with it. There are many magazines that put you into the trap of beautifying agents, yet then you are never certain of beauty care products. Some beauty care tips in hindi language listed underneath can help you to take care of your skin in a better way.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin daily

The dependable guideline for perfect sparkling facial skin still remains a consistent purifying, conditioning and saturating schedule. With regards to purifying, rose water is the best cleanser for every type of skin. Take cotton fleece, touch it with rose water and apply it on the face to feel crisp and clean instantly. Purifying your face two times per day will counteract breakout of pimples. Continuously make it a point to pursue your purging daily practice by conditioning.

Use lime squeeze as a clean

Blend lime juice with sweet almond oil and ocean salt. Utilize your fingers or a cotton fleece and apply it all over in a round movement. This common scour will expel dead cells from your face giving a brilliant sparkle. Lime peel additionally helps in blurring scars and pimple marks from face.

Use gram flour to dispose of tan

To treat sunburns, you may apply a blend of one spoon of gram flour and two tablespoon of curd all over. Give it a chance to dry for thirty minutes and wash off with cool water. This face cover is an incredible guide in making your skin unmistakable, delicate and shining normally.

Cucumber in any form is better

In the event that you need a glad skin, at that point cucumber is the appropriate response. You may enhance your composition by applying a glue of cucumber blended with crude drain. It will take 15 minutes for cucumber juice to saturate your skin at that point wash off with crisp water. It likewise helps in calming and softening your skin.

Tomato is considered to be best for oily skin

Tomatoes are incredible enemies of oxidants. For without wrinkle skin, squash two extensive tomatoes and apply it uniformly all over. Wash off following 20 minutes with chilly water. To make a glue, utilize one day old curd and blend with a tomato mash. Apply this face pack every day early in the day to uncover a more brilliant and shining crisp composition for excellent face. Tomatoes are awesome for the skin as they have cooling and astringent properties. Its normally an acidic, so it helps balance the skin and dispose of unnecessary oil. These skin care tips in hindi can help you to get a beautiful skin.

Fashion designing is one of the most demanding career options and open a world of opportunities for those who are interested in this field. There is no doubt in that fashion industry offers all the things together fame, success, and growth.

fashion designer jobs

If you want to pursue a career in this industry, you will have to work smarter and develop several different skills. And, if you have still some doubts about the career scope in the fashion industry, then here are the few reasons that will clear your all the doubts.

  • Creative and challenging field

fashion designer jobs

I promise you that you will never get bored after deciding your career in this field. You have to create something new every day that matches with the trend and it will generate creativity in you. In this field, the chances of finding a satisfying career path are much higher than any others.

  • Wide range of career options

fashion designer jobs

With your creativity, you can work in different industries like in film industry, production houses etc. Because of this, there are various professional roles are available to choose from within the industry.

One can become a production manager, Fashion designer, consume designer, and stylist etc. Choosing a role is completely depends on your interest and educational background.

  • Unbelievable career progression

fashion designer jobs

The fashion industry is one where you can learn a new thing every day. By starting your career as a junior designer opens plenty of room to grow as a professional. It simply means you can learn from your experts and can measure your success.

  • A chance to meet with new people

fashion designer jobs

If you’re the one who enjoys facing a challenge, then fashion industry is a right place for you. As a designer, you need to meet the expectation of several clients and for this, you need to improve daily. You will get a chance to meet with new clients and making contacts with them.

  • You can be your own boss

fashion designer jobs

If you don’t like a 9 to 5 job, then you can open your own boutique. You can start small fashion store or boutique in your area and can be your own boss.

  • Great working environment

fashion designer jobs

This is the kind of work which you can enjoy and can be happy by seeing your success. You can make a great team; can work according to your comfortability and time. This field gives you a chance to live the life you want.

These are few reasons or advantages to choosing a career in fashion industry. Despite all these, the most important thing to choose a career path is your interest. The demand of the creative people is also so high in the fashion industry for fashion designer jobs profile.

Anyone can easily get a job after completion of a certification and training. There are so many institutes and colleges in India which offers a certification based training program. If you are really passionate about your career, then enroll yourself into any institute, choose a course for you and start it from today.

Khushboo Setiya is an online media enthusiast and a blogger who closely follows the latest Career, Job and online marketing trends. She writes about various related topics such as Digital marketing, SEO, Career guidance, Job Search techniques and much more.

A hand-picked list of jewellery pieces that adds a final touch to your outfit, available in an online market place which provides a doorstep delivery is just like a dream come true.

Thanks to information technology and the World Wide Web because of which our shopping task has become so much easier and the entire marketplace is just a click away.

Style is in attitude and it goes beyond just clothes of an individual. Fashion in generic terms means clothing. A Charismatic personality with a stylish fashion sense is quality very few possess but it can be developed by trying out various outfits and accessories which are trending. And the online market is the best place to compare a variety of items just by sitting comfortably in your chair at home, office or any place which gives you an internet access.

Grace Callie Designs is one such shopping destination where we would love to go on a shopping spree and max out our credit cards happily.

The website includes an extremely fashionably collection of women’s jewellery ranging from necklaces, earrings, bracelets to finger rings, toe rings and anklets. The items put up for sale depicts a perfect blend of taste between casual and luxury.

The handbags and scarf’s collections goes with most of the outfits and makes you look more adorable. They have an awesome collection of sunglasses which looks not only stylish and sexy when worn but also provide complete UV protection while you are outdoors.

These items are pocket friendly and safe to wear. So partying out with your friends or your loves one’s or simply a visit to the corner cafe, you can plan your outfit well for them all.

The wide range of handbags provided by them can be used on your formal as well as your casual outfits.

Nothing but love bangles and the Salt and Sass bracelet is a big hit among the high school and college going students.

Jewel tones wet brush is a multipurpose brush which gives you a gentle head massage and a great help in de-tangling.

You can make your beach trips more exciting and impactful by a proper selection of appropriate outfit and jewellery.

The eye catching cover- up can make a perfect day at beach or any of your cruise trips. The water proof floral print beach bag is another item that needs to be included while planning a beach visit. These beach bags provide lot of room and they come in pretty bright colours. The belly chains, anklets, boho necklaces with perfectly crafted hats and stylish sunglasses gracefully define your style.

All of the products are super comfortable; they provide a great quality for money and a quick delivery. These items are perfect for gifting to your loved ones, on their birthdays, anniversaries, achievements or simply gifting to please them. They come with a money back guarantee and authenticity included with every purchase.

Show your cool individual style with Grace Callie Designs and stand out in the crowd.



Filmmaking is an art that comprises several factors such as –

  • Operating the video camera.
  • Understanding the camera angles and shots.
  • Understanding composition.
  • Working under different kinds of lighting.

The cinematography is the technique of shooting a motion picture and a cinematographer is a person who is in the charge of shooting the film. The cinematography courses in Mumbai are well designed with the objective to introduce the students to the basic technique of camera handling and understand the various functions and uses of the camera. Shooting visuals require one to have the relevant skills on how to use the lighting and filters to enhance the picture.

The cinematography courses in Mumbai helps the students to express their imagination through the use of visuals. The experienced staff of the cinematography institutes makes sure that the students understand what role each and every shot plays in making a movie. The course includes the following-

  • Introduction to the exposure to learn how to work with and control the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed in a different environment.
  • Factors that affect the lighting conditions.
  • Usage and advantages of the exposure meter.
  • Advantages and benefits of using different types of lenses such as- zoom, wide angle, micro.
  • Understanding the importance of depth of field.
  • Understanding the concept of perspective.
  • Learning the concept of the motion picture.
  • Understanding the importance of lighting ratio and contrast.

The students are also taught how to work with different motion picture format. Getting a professional diploma or certificate in cinematography not only increases the chances of getting paid work in the media and entertainment industry.   The courses are usually 6 to 12 months long. With 4-5 classes per week, the students get the chance to put their theoretical knowledge into practical use.

The best thing about choosing the best cinematography courses in Mumbai is that the institute offers placement and internship opportunities to the students at prestigious media and production houses. It is a good way for the students to gain work experience and start their career at an early stage.

It is no secret that handbags inspired by Latin cultures are in trend. Their vibrant colors and unique materials make these exotic handbags undoubtedly an indispensable piece in your wardrobe this summer.


We have seen the basket type bag on catwalks, stores, and social networks. From maxi to mini, these baskets are the “it” summer bag, especially if it has a touch of pom-poms. If you still do not have these basket-type bags, I recommend getting yourself an exotic handbag. I guarantee you, it will go great with any outfit.


One of the most desired bags for this summer is the mesh bag, which is perfect for going to the supermarket. You probably already have seen thousands of Instagram photos of this style with lemons, oranges, or bananas inside the bag. This bag is super trendy, but it is not a very practical bag for everyday use. This mesh bag is perfect and chic for beach or pool days. Add a mini PVC clear or color bag to carry your belongings without any problem and make this mesh bag your everyday street style bag.

Photo: @urbanoutfitters


If your style is more contemporary and chic but you still want to add a touch of color to your outfit, get yourself a playful bag that is equally elegant and glamorous. I suggest checking the fashion brand, Tambonita. Handmade purses where the interlaced chain is the unique touch of the brand. This style is perfect for a night out with your friends.  

Photo: @tambonitadesigns


One of the characteristics that I like most about handmade handbags is the details. These Larone Artisans clutches are elegant, chic, glamorous, and have small unique details to die for. Their designs are ideal for day and night.

Photo: @laroneartsans


This summer make a statement and add to your look of the day a fun bag with clever and unique details made with love. I’m 100% sure that all your friends will compliment your purse and be talking about your trendy and exotic accessory all day long. Which is your favorite bag style? Are you in love with these handmade bags?


If you think that summer is not the right season for wearing sarees, then you are missing out on the latest fashion fad. Here are some gorgeous Indian designer sarees which you would love to wear during the scorching heat to stay cool and refreshing at every hour. Saree is the oldest and perhaps the only existing weave from ancient generation. The staple is loved by every age woman and can never go out of fashion in the long run. Also, the fact that there are various trendy saree draping styles in the fashion industry makes it the most preferred choice of fashion lovers and budding enthusiasts.

The fabric and print play the two important factors in defining the overall appeal of any saree and the wearer as well. Also, these are the things which are responsible to keep you cool and dry during the sweaty season. Whether you are going for a wedding function, family gathering, formal meeting, casual lunch or a date, the long-nine yard drape can save your day with much ease and satisfaction. Here are the types of sarees which you must-have for the summer season to stay cool and dry during the humid weather. Scroll below…

Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees

The fabric is the most ideal choice for every season and occasion, considering its amazing breathability and perspiration property. The small hollow gaps in the material are responsible for the easy absorption and release of perspiration in no time.

Wearing cotton sarees in this hot season can be the best thing a fashionista can do while keeping peace with her valuable comfort. Bundle up, you stunner!!!

Khadi Sarees

Khadi Sarees

The handloom fabric that boasts of exceptionally raw and rustic appeal is one of the best choices for summer heat. It provides matchless comfort, breathability and is extremely easy to manage. The lightweight material naturally clings to the body of the wearer and provides extremely refreshing feel. Also, khadi sarees make the best choice for formal events and occasions.

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon Sarees

Honestly, chiffon sarees are the most popular and searched for women drapes of the current season. These are hugely loved by young generation and fashion experts due to their lightweight structure and contemporary appeal. Buy these ethnic staples in the latest prints and patterns and make the best of your ravishing self. Hurry up, ladies!!!

Linen Sarees

Linen Sarees

If you are ready to spend a little more than the usual, then go for linen saree rather than cotton saree. This is because the fabric is more durable and breathable in comparison to cotton. It is extremely light in weight and quite easy to wash. This is what makes linen sarees one of the most suitable choices for the summer season.

Sheer Sarees

Sheer Sarees

Sheer is the hottest fashion trend of the season and ditching would be a great mistake, especially in the summer season. Extremely light in weight, easy to carry and non-sticky in nature, the fabric can do wonders for the wearer in this blazing heat.

Buy sheer sarees to embrace important parties and weddings and get ready to beat the heat in style. You go, girl!!!


Independence Day is an important day in the life of an American. It gives a sense of proud to us. We know what our freedom costs us and we should teach this to our young generations. It is a day to celebrate and every person has a different way to celebrate it. Some celebrate it with cooking fancy independence colored meals while some do it with fireworks. We, at Fashionisin enjoy this by wearing independence dresses.

Enthusiasm must be at verge while celebrating 4th of July. No body likes to stay behind, and everyone is trying to be at their best behave that day. Show the world that why America is The Great America and we are racist. We embrace people with different ethnicities, colors and cultures with open heart and don’t divide our selves on the basis of religion, sect or regional area.

You will see happy people with big smiles on their face celebrating the spirit of independence on this date. Be in them and don’t ruin your day with just passing it sleepy. Independence Day shirts are also very popular nowadays. You can wear them to brighten your day even more.

Independence Day is now less than a week apart. Have you prepared for it? Well Fashionisin has best apparel for you. To facilitate you further, we have put those items for sale. It would be our pleasure if you buy those items for us. You will be delivered your favorite items free of cost as company is bearing the cost for now.

Items available for this day are:

  • Independence Shirts
  • Independence Dresses
  • Beach Wear
  • American Flagged Skirts
  • Long Maxi



Everyone desires to have an impressive hair style that can leave a remarkable impression upon others. It is not a big issue and maximum young girls or even ladies from all walks of life can get their desired hair style by making some changes in their natural hair. But, still you can find a number of ladies who are missing their style because of various issues or they don’t want to make changes in their natural shine and growth. For African American girls and ladies, it is a bit difficult to grow the long and beautiful straight hair – because of the thickness and curly look. However, straight hair is totally gorgeous, if you know how to style them in the right way. For this, choosing the best African American Human Hair wigs is the best option.

There are also a good number of hair products available in the market; thus, choosing the best one is not a big issue to get straight hair. Getting straight hair extensions is also a wise decision to make as you can choose the right type of extensions that are made of pure virgin hair. There is no denying the fact that virgin hair is obtained from real human hair; in this way, it is naturally smooth and shiny in comparison to other options. You can also wear different styles. Some of the gorgeous and amazing hair styles for straight hair are the following that are sure to keep you enticed and impressed for the time to come.

You can choose the style with middle part long straight – a casual hair style that is still in demand. You can create this one by using Brazilian Hair Bundles with Closure with a lace closure. You have other options too as you can choose straight bob by keeping your bob in middle length and side part it. Not to mention another natural color of gray bob that is sure to enhance your personality.

There are various other hair styles too that are sure to leave a remarkable impression. Here , you have to choose the right closure and extensions to transform your look and hair style that you love most. You can also something different for an amazing and different hair style that include, but not limited to clip in natural hair extensions, flip in human hair extensions, 10A virgin hair, three part lace closure, 8A Brazilian hair, affordable lace front wigs, or African American Human hair wigs. Prices are competitive and will go well your budget; while you can place your order from anywhere and anytime. You have to go through the details and make a contact.

There are ample attractions in Myntra’s End of Reason Sale which make it a highly anticipated event. Unbelievably low prices for premium goods and the option of choosing from a great number of worldwide brands are among the two most obvious reasons. However, there are several other features of this sale that make it noteworthy and ground-breaking. For instance, the End of Reason Sale is being used as a platform by Myntra to launch their new product – the Blink Go.

The Blink Go is a smart watch, a digital wearable device that provides you with myriad information. While this is not the first time a wearable device is being launched in India, it is definitely the most stylish, by a country mile. The technical specifications aside, the Blink Go has a very distinct design that sets it apart from competition. The product is developed by Myntra’s Innovation Lab, and has state of the art technology that makes it a really handy device.

Some of the standout features of the Blink Go include Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, a dedicated Sports Mode, and Colour Display. Additionally, the product is Water Resistant and has a very audible and legible notification system that can notify you of your achievements. You can also share your details on social media for your friends to see.

Some of the notable aspects that make the Blink Go an excellent choice for you have been mentioned below:

  • Multi Tracker Support: This feature makes it platform agnostic, and you can connect your Blink Go to compatible devices. This makes it an excellent addition for those who are both fitness and technologically inclined.


  • Leaderboards: The Blink Go has in itself a list of pre-loaded achievements and missions involving fitness tasks, and upon their completion, you can gauge your progress with other users of the device with the help of leaderboards, where you can go to check your points.


  • Live Achievement Sharing: This allows you to share your statistics with your friends and engage in healthy competition with each other.


  • Sleep and Other Tools: A lot of millennials encounter problems with their sleep. This is due to demanding working hours, an insubordinate time spent in travelling to and fro, lifestyle choices like gymnasiums, unhealthy eating habits, and most importantly, lack of proper planning. However, you can plan your sleep patterns efficiently with the Blink Go. One of the best features of this device is the sleep planner, which helps you set alarms and reminders for waking up and going to bed, respectively. By monitoring your heart rate, which is measurable through the device, and metabolism, you can effectively calculate how much rest your body needs, and set your Blink Go to remind you about your requisite sleep cycle.

The Blink Go will be available during Myntra’s End of Reason Sale at an introductory price of Rs. 4199, and available in several eye-catching designs. Without any further ado, book your Blink Go wearable device right now and make the most of Myntra’s EORS.