Download Alexa App – Turn Your Computer Into an Alexa Phone


The new way to download the Alexa App for Windows is a completely new concept. You need to have your own Pc and Windows account to get started. If you are new to computers you may not have these two things. This is the link to the steps on how to download the Alexa App for Windows.

Download Alexa App

Get your Pc. Do you currently have an Echo or Vera? If you do you can go ahead and get these two devices. After you get these two Pc’s go ahead and open them up on your computer. Go to settings and you will see an option for programs. Selecting programs will let you know which one you need to download.

It may be best to go ahead and download the Express App. You may need this if you have an iPhone or a iPad. The link below the steps on how to download the Alexa App for Windows should be able to direct you to the Express App. When you have it downloaded and saved it will be ready to go. When you have it installed you can go ahead and give it a test run.

This is where you can find all the information that you will need to know. Just click the search button and you will be given a list of options. The first one you will want to pick is the language that you want the Pc to understand. I would recommend sticking with English though.

Next there is the link for your computer and you will want to pick out the region that you are located in. Once you have done that go ahead and plug in the Pc into an outlet. After it has been plugged in a test sequence of commands should take place. After that is done just go ahead and hit continue. This will have the Pc scan around your PC and it should tell you where everything is located.

Now you need to pick out your phone. It is best to use your cellular one since the Alexa will not work with anything else. After that just point the Pc at the Alexa and let it do it’s thing. You will definitely need to have internet availability.

Make sure you find a reliable website to do this with. Try to avoid any of the free websites that you might come across. They usually have some sort of problem associated with them. The only reason that I can think of that they would do this is so that you don’t end up with a problem. So just stay away from them. I would also recommend having a couple of flashlights on hand to keep you from losing focus and giving the Alexa a hard time.

You should be good to go now that the Alexa is installed. Just make sure you follow the directions that you were given. If you ever need any help just get in touch with the technical support department. They should be able to get things taken care of for you. Just make sure to use your credit card and login to your Amazon account. That should all take care of any problems you might encounter.

When you are using the Amazon Echo, you will need to set up some preferences. These are basically used to customize the way the Echo works. You will want to make sure you access the “awsawsaws” command in order to customize some of the settings. If you ever run into any problems it is always good to ask an expert.

Now you can access the Amazon Echo through your mobile device. I would recommend turning off the sound so you won’t wake anyone up. Once you are done setting up all you have to do is install the Alexa App on your computer. Once that is completed you should be all set. And if you are wondering if you can control the temperature, the answer is yes.

You will have access to your Echo through the web browser from anywhere. You will be able to speak to it using either English or Spanish. This was one of the features I was looking for and was not sure it existed. Hopefully other developers will pick up this idea and create a whole new generation of computer users.

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