Have You Ever Thought Of Giving Poem as a Gift?


What can be the best gift for a birthday boy or a birthday girl, a surprise gift? What can be the best surprise gift? Before addressing this question, what does surprise mean? It’s something you were not expecting. Your friend loves cooking. Are you going to buy a cookbook for your friend? If your friend knows you very well, your friend already knows what’s in your mind. A cookbook is not going to be a surprise gift. Your friend is actually expecting something related to cooking. It is literally not a surprise gift.

What about giving a homemade gift? Your gift becomes special and priceless when it is a product of your sincere efforts. Your friend will really appreciate a unique personalized gift. A poem that is your work or it is written by a famous poet, it can be a perfect gift. There are a lot of people looking for surprise poems for gifts. Art is the best form of self-expression. And, poetry is a unique form of art. So, a poem expressing your love and affection can be the best unique surprise gift. First of all, you need to learn about different poetic forms. However, we are going to cover the three most suitable forms.

Three most suitable poetic forms for surprise poems for gifts:

Try to write a poem on your own. If you are doing that then you should learn about the following three forms of poetry. Your friend will feel special on learning that you have written that poem. Even when you are planning to gift a poem written by some popular poet, you should learn about these forms of the poem.

Acrostic Poem

In poems written using this form, the first letters of all lines are spelling out a word vertically. These poems are pretty easy to write. If you are writing this poem, this is going to be a wonderful gift. You just have to decorate it nicely. You can find several good examples of poems written in this form. You can also get inspiration from other poets to write poems in this form. Start this poem with the name of your friend. Now start the second line of the poem with the second character in the name of your friend. Similarly, start the third line with the third character. The best thing about this form of poetry is that no rhyming is required.                        

An Ode

People write poems in this form as a tribute to something or someone. So, you can dedicate this poem to someone you love. There is no doubt this is one of the best surprise poems for gifts. Now write about the best things you love about your friend. You can also write a comment at the end of the poem to express your love. You can find many examples of Ode poems. Fathers write an ode to their daughters. Children write an ode to their parents. Try to write one. And, if you can’t then you can find some online.

A Sonnet

A poem written in this style has 14 lines. These poems also have special rhyming scheme. Shakespeare has written many romantic poems of this form. You can write one in the praise of the person who is going to receive the gift. Or, you can also find many on the internet.

Got a poem, what’s next?         

  •         You can memorize and perform the poem for that person.  
  •         You can dedicate and share it on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform.
  •         You can frame it. It will be a perfect piece of wall art.
  •         You can make slideshow or video of the poem.

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