6 Fun Ideas For A Long Distance Relationship


There are limited things to do when you are in a long distance relationship, and sometimes it can be hard to stay connected. The only way to communicate is phone calls or texting which of us are limited to. It becomes kind of boring after some time. It is very important to keep things interesting otherwise the relationship will be weakened.

Here are six fun long distance relationship ideas to re-energize your relationship:

1-) Consider watching Movies or TV shows together:

There are various ways of watching a movie or a TV show together. Most long-distance couples sit on their end and contact each other while watching a movie. They can contact each other on a phone call, or on a chat or through their webcams which gives them the feeling that they are sitting together and watching it. You can either go out and rent the same movie, or you can stream it online together by buying subscriptions on Netflix or Amazon.

2-) Send them flowers:

There are a lot of websites online which are ready 24 hours to deliver flowers for you to anyone you want. If you do not want to send a real set of flowers, you can consider sending your girlfriend or boyfriend a virtual bouquet over the internet. Browse through all the websites and make your partner’s day.

3-) Ask Questions:

In long-distance dating, It happens that sometimes you run out topics when you are always talking to each other. One of the suggestions you can follow is that you can ask each other various questions, no matter how wise or silly. There may come a time when you start arguing with each other just because you do not have anything to talk about.

You can start with an e-book which has hundreds of question inside. You both can share it with each other and spend hours with each other asking whatever’s inside it.

4-) Wear Bracelets:

Couples in long-distance dating wear bracelets as a reminder to stay strong for all the time they are apart. You can even wear a bracelet with the first letter of your partner’s name engraved on it. There are various options if you don’t like wearing bracelets, you can consider getting keychains.

5-) Send Pictures:

If you want to cheer your beloved one, you can email him/her a photo of yours. While you are leaving for the work or are in the office or going back home, you can send each other your photos to bring more closeness. We live in a world now where we can send each other photos instantly via text, chat, Instagram, Snapchat or E-mail.

You can also share various moments of the day to let him/her know that you are not so far away.

6-) Share your journals:

You can keep a journal and fill it with your thoughts every day and send it to your partner so he/she can read it and write in it. You can continue this process back and forth and keep writing until you have to send it to your partner.

For other journal ideas, you can exchange your personal journals and read what is going in your partner’s mind.

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