3 C’s of a Happily Ever After Long Distance Relationship


Most of us have had bad experience or nightmares of those terrible relationships, but some are worth putting effort into. Especially if the two of you are now far apart, it becomes necessary to maintain that zeal and spark. Thinking how? From writing each other love letters, to sharing long distance quotes and planning surprise gifts – there’s so much you can do to be that “happily ever after” couple despite the distance.

If you feel your bond is suffering due to the increased distance, it’s time to use the three C’s that would help you out.

Here we go:


Communication is undoubtedly the backbone of any relationship no matter close or long distance. Yet to make things more romantic, normal, and cozier, you need to maintain regular communication with your partner. One of the most common blunders that LDR couples do is fighting and arguing under the rug rather than talking and discussing things out. When we say communication is the key, we mean making the effort to understand each other’s emotions, opinions, and way of life. Ending arguments abruptly or giving each other space might make things lighter by the next day, it won’t help everytime.

Without proper communication, things will keep on coming again and again until you both understand your partner’s expectations.


Never in the wrong way, but compromising is one fantastic way of showing your partner that you still care and want to be together no matter how far apart you live. When distance increases, things automatically change. This brings many doubts, disappointments, and disagreements in a relation which weren’t there before. By compromising mutually, you can put an end to a never-ending argument.

It will take some guts, efforts, patience, and of course self control to compromise, but over time, you will learn to happily adjust to make your partner smile. Even better, when you take the initial step, your partner will further try to value your move and do the same when needed. It could be something as simple as letting your partner decide the next visit to wearing his/her favorite color – find mutual happiness in small compromises to make your long distance relationship grow stronger.


You may think the above two C’s are easier said than done, but when it comes to actually fulfilling it, it’s going to demand some extra effort from you as well as your partner. That is what’s commitment is all about!

When you aren’t completely committed to your long distance partner, things will start falling apart every other day. To make LDRs work, both of you need to work on patience, and being sensitive towards what your partner needs and expects. If you have committed to communicate thrice a day or meet once a month – then do it! If you aren’t able to fulfill your commitment somehow, go back to the first C and discuss the reason with your partner. If it’s worth the trial, you will come out happy.

So these are three C’s to happy and stronger long distance relationship. You can also use some interesting long distance relationship quotes to get emotionally closer to your partner even from the distance.


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