Moving to Sydney With Your Kids? Read These Tips


Sydney has one of the most proactive and dynamic job markets in the world today. Because of its booming economy resulting from healthy tourism sector and oil production industry, it is not surprising that Sydney has become a powerhouse as far as job market is concerned. Multi-national companies are starting to establish their presence in the city, drawing hundreds to thousands of job openings to both locals and expatriates.

Working in Sydney has been seen a practical choice because of the city’s progressive economy, and if you are one of the thousands of professionals who is considering moving to Sydney for work or business, then you should plan for your move ahead. Moving to Sydney can be quite tricky and intimidating, especially if you live in a country of different culture and lifestyle. However, adjusting to the city’s culture should be the least of your worries because Sydney is home to many expat communities so you will not get lost and have a hard time adapting to its society. What should bother you is your move. Moving your belongings from your home country to Sydney can be quite problematic because you have to deal with various moving- and legal-related procedures.

While moving to Sydney can be complicated, there are several steps you can take to have a hassle-free and stress-free move.

Identify the items you will bring – Be realistic enough to realize that you cannot bring all your personal belongings when you move to Sydney. Don’t even think about moving your 42” LED TV, refrigerator, laundry machine, dryer, or any other large electronic equipment. You also don’t need to bring all the party items you may have because there are many reliable and professional kids party entertainers in Sydney. A good way to start your moving plan is to know the items you must leave and items you must bring with you. You may also want to do a garage sale on the items you don’t plan to bring with you. The profits you will get from your garage sale, you can use for funding your move.

Prepare all necessary documents – Moving to Sydney is not the same as moving to another city or state as you will be required to fill out legal documents to prove that you will not be transporting illegal items and materials. Aside from preparing your passport and immigration-related documents, you should also ready moving-related documents. It is advisable to contact the Australian embassy in your country to inquire about the documents you need to present for moving your belongings.

Find a reliable moving company – Since you cannot bring all your things when you travel to Sydney, it is important to have a company to do the moving of your items for you. Don’t just any company, instead look for one that has a good track record when it comes to moving items to Sydney. Look for a company that has done hundreds of moving to Sydney so you can be sure it knows how to deal with the legalities involved in the move. Just like kids party entertainers, there are many reliable and commendable moving companies in Sydney so finding one should be the least of your worries.

Get updates from the moving company – Your moving company should give you regular updates on the whereabouts of your belongings. In case the company does not do this, have the initiative to ask for updates. It usually takes two week to two months before the move is finished, but you don’t want to wait without doing anything. While waiting for your items to arrive in Sydney, you would want to get updates from your international movers so you will have an idea where your items are and how long will they get to your place.

Your items should the least of your worries when you move to Sydney. What you should focus on is starting a new career in a new city.

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