Different Types Of Facial Plastic Surgeries?


Different types of surgical and non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures. 

The term plastic surgery covers a range of medical procedures performed for injury repair or cosmetic reasons. Facial plastic surgery is one of the most performed cosmetic surgical procedures. You can go for this procedure to improve your cosmetic appearance and self-esteem. For most people, physical appearance and confidence are linked. So, you feel great when you look great.

This surgery is also performed after some facial injuries such as burns. Unhealthy, damaged tissues can make you feel less confident. However, with plastic surgery, you can repair these damages.

There are both surgical and non-surgical options available for enhancing your facial appearance. In most cases of facial injuries, surgery is the only solution. 

Non-Surgical Options 

Following are the common non-surgical procedures for enhancing your facial appearance: 


Dermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure that removes or at least minimizes wrinkles. This procedure also reduces facial blemishes. In this procedure, a tool scrapes away the uneven top layer of the skin. This improves the tone of your skin and also exfoliates the skin. This procedure can also thicken collagen. 

Skin Rejuvenation And Resurfacing 

This procedure also removes wrinkles, scars, pigmentation and vascular lesions. In this procedure, a light, ablative, laser, non-ablative, and chemical peels are used to restore skin tone. 

Botulinum Toxin 

This procedure blocks nerve signals to reduce lines in the face. When the signal is blocked, muscles can’t contract. You can reduce frown lines, crow’s feet, furrowed foreheads and crow’s feet. 

Laser Hair Removal 

This is a hair removal procedure ideal for people with dark hair and light skin. However, this is not a permanent solution.      

Surgical Options 

Following are the surgical options available to you: 


This procedure is also known as ‘nose jobs’. Rhinoplasty can change the size, shape and placement of the nose. 


This procedure is an eyelid surgery performed to tighten drooping upper eyelids. Blepharoplasty can also remove the bags below the eyes. Though it is a cosmetic procedure, blepharoplasty can improve the function of eyelids. 


Also known as face-lift surgery, this procedure is performed to remove excess fat and tighten muscles. This procedure improves tightness on the neck and face. 

Lower Rhytidectomy 

Sometimes, the appearance of the facial area and neck area don’t match. This lower neck surgical procedure fixes the problems caused by this mismatch. Lower rhytidectomy removes excess fat and skin to improve aging signs in the jawline.            

Forehead Lift 

This procedure removes tissues and tightens the skin and forehead muscles to straighten lines and remove drooping skin. 


This ear surgery is a form of facial plastic surgery. Both facial plastic surgery and ear surgery have both medical and cosmetic applications. This surgery changes the position, shape and size of the ear.


In this procedure, implants are inserted to change the shape of the chin bone. 

Jaw Implants 

This procedure is performed on the lower third of the face to increase the width. 

Malar Augmentation

In this procedure, implants are inserted to make cheeks look fuller. 

Lip Augmentation 

This procedure involves the insertion of implants for fuller-looking lips.

Dermal Fillers 

This procedure restores fullness and reduces facial lines. 

Facial Reconstructive Procedures 

It is a set of procedures performed to reconstruct the face. 

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