How You Can Use Intranet To Create And Embed A Successful Culture.


Organizational culture is an intangible concept in business. It is an important aspect of a successful business. 78% of the CFOs/CEOs find it one of the top five value drivers. 91% of the CFOs/CEOs believe that improving organizational culture can increase the value of an organization. However, in this age of digitization, more and more businesses are hiring remote talent. Every single major business has offices at multiple locations. People working remotely are using their own devices. This is the reason why creating and communicating the culture of your organization becomes a challenge. 

Your corporate intranet is the heart of your digital workplace. That’s why it has to play a huge role and take into consideration a number of elements including: 

  • Brand and Purpose 
  • Onboarding 
  • Reward and recognition 
  • Sharing business directions 
  • Leadership 
  • Providing your staff with a voice 
  • Breaking down silos

Brand and Purpose 

Your business has an identity. You are standing for something. Make sure that your employees are able to find meaning and purpose in their work. It is up to you as to how you use your intranet to communicate the purpose, meaning and overall culture of your organization. You can use your intranet to provide users with a sense of identity and instill pride. Promote and embed the values and mission of your business. Provide them with insight into different areas of the organization. You can put the spotlight on different campaigns, regions or departments. 


When you have recruited a new employee, their initial experience in the organization can make it or break it. The first few weeks have an influence on the perceptions of their colleagues and company. You can tailor a new starter homepage to connect new recruits to their peers, streamline the mandatory admin process, facilitate training and give insight into the organizational culture. 

Reward and Recognition 

Celebrating the success of the business and individuals is extremely important to promote the positive culture of any organization. You can use rewards to empower your staff and give peer-to-peer recognition. News or blogs are perfect for top-down recognition. It is important to make your team feel valued. It is important to recognize and reward the contribution of employees to the success of the organization. 

Share Business Directions 

You can use your simple intranet software to encourage each employee to contribute to the shared goals and objectives of the organization. Have a bigger picture of the performance your staff can connect with. Publish information about performance, updates and changes. 


No other influence can be bigger than leadership. People at the top create the biggest impact on the organizational culture. However, if you don’t have a simple intranet solution, people working remotely never get to see and hear from the top leadership. 

For these team members you can use intranet news, vlogs and blogs to provide them with the visibility of the leadership. These are the best areas for management and staff engagement. Someone from the leadership can reply to staff, like or comment. 

Providing Your Staff With A Voice 

While your simple intranet solution can provide you with a two-way communication feature, the active participation of the top management is also important. Two-way communication has a huge impact on the culture of the organization. However, employees put forward their feedback and ideas when they are encouraged by the leadership. They can give suggestions and raise their concerns. 

Breaking Down Silos 

There should be no isolating experience for remotely working people. Otherwise, they might feel disconnected from the organization.

Even simple intranet software can provide your organization with endless possibilities. You can build and share a virtual culture with people having different roles and locations.

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