The Digital Marketing Resolution List – Things to Do Now


We are living in strange times. There has perhaps never been a time when the entire world has together ground to a halt. 

If you’re in digital marketing, there is a good chance you’ve already been told to work from home. Some of you might have even been told to take a short leave of absence. In one way or another, many of us have more free time on our hands. This is time we did not anticipate would come our way. And yet, it has been given to us. 

We are trained to view every crisis as a time where nothing is possible and everything has become harder. In truth, every crisis presents an opportunity. 

For digital marketers, the next few weeks are not just a long pile of vacant and idle hours. They represent an opportunity for digital marketers to add crucial skills to their portfolio. 

For working professionals, there is probably never going to be such an opportunity available for the rest of their working life. This period of inactivity and working from home should be viewed as an opportunity to learn something new.

This is a time to make great resolutions. The next few weeks represent a time when digital marketers can learn skills they always wanted to. In this article, we talk about a few skills digital marketers can pick up.

Writing Content

Content writing is a skill that can help digital marketers survive in a cut-throat digital marketing landscape. Writing is a skill that takes time to blossom and bloom. If a digital marketer does know how to write, he/she can really establish a stable career in the field and grow at an exponential rate.

Writing is an important skill in this day and age. The importance of content is becoming apparent in every sector, not just digital marketing. When there is a bad time in the economy, only those that are indispensable to the working of a company actually survive. Writers belong to this category. Thus, this period of inactivity is a great time to develop some core writing skills. 


As an SEO, it is good to know some level of programming. Being completely oblivious about it is not a solution. 

HTML is one of the most basic programming languages and very useful for those running a simple business website. Knowing HTML helps digital marketers understand how things work in the background. Like writing, programming is also a very useful skill and adds a new dimension to the portfolio of a professional. 

Management and Business Development

As a digital marketer, you are trained in the tactical nature of marketing. However, it is also important to have the essence of how a business is run. 

Digital marketers want to grow in their role just as any other professional in another field. The best way to grow is to take up more responsibility and showing a willingness. Learning management and business development helps in this regard.  

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers some of the key skills digital marketers can learn and make some positive use of these testing times. 

About the Author – Sheena Bose is a well-known digital marketing trainer currently working as a guest speaker at, a top institute for taking up a digital marketing training course in Delhi

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