Optimizing Blog Using Google Webmaster Tools


Until today Google still be the number 1 search engine. Almost 90% internet users make Google as their main tools to search what they need. This can be our good reason to optimizing our blog using Google Webmaster Tools so our blog can be indexed in Google.
Assume you are already have Google Webmaster Tools account. So here the simple step to optimizing your blog using Google Webmaster Tools :

1. Blog verification

Go to the dashboard and put your Url on add site. After that you will get meta tag code and you must install it bellowcode, then click verify.

2. Creating Sitemap

Go to the Sitemap section and choose add sitemap then choose add general web sitemap then place this code one by one atom.xml, rss.xml, feeds/posts/default, feeds/posts/default?alt=rss behind your url.

3. Managing Web crawler/Google Boot

Go to Tools section and choose Set crawl rate and choose Normal Recommended crawl rate. Do not choose Faster crawl rate because you will have risk with Expires problem.

4. Get more visitor from image

Sometimes visitor looks for what they need from Image that you put in your blog. Still in Tools section and choose I would like to enable enhanced image search on my site and am authorized to opt into this advanced service then click OK. Now your image can be visitor guide to your blog.

After you done it all then open big possibility you can get more traffic from Google beside using this simple SEO technique, then let Google do the rest for you.

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