How to Win the SEO Battle and Drive more Traffic to your Website

1,216 you are the owner of a website and you need the visitors to visit your site. The traffic on the website shows the benefit and popularity of the online business. It also shows the behaviour of the customer which can help you in calculating the marketing strategy. With the better strategy, you will earn the better ranking in SERP.   

The fundamental idea behind the SEO is to lift the rank of the website by increasing the traffic. But to check the traffic of one website over 1.24 billion is quite a tough job, so will you ensure that your website is holding a good traffic?  

However, there are a variety of SEO courses online available over the internet which gives comprehensively detailed tips, tricks and tactics such that you can deploy them to increase the traffic. Although, in this article, we will cover some of the topmost SEO trips to drive and increase the traffic on the website:

  1. Short URLs
    Once the owner has a highly optimised content the common mistake they do is generating a long URLs so rather than that start making the short URL. This will give you the benefit in searching the page quickly. To be precise, shorter the URL, lesser will be the time taken to come on the right page. For example, addresses like will be lesser effective than the In case, your URL hold a different type of words then, use a hyphen instead of underscore.
  2. Choose the keywords wisely
    Always select the keyword according to the business as it is the most crucial part of the business on which the benefit of the company depends. You can say, the keyword can be termed as the trigger for the search connections. Despite all of this, the excessive usage of a keyword may lead to backfire for the business as the search engine will receive the wrong indication and might think that you are playing the game with the system and unfortunately, in result lowers the rank of the website.
  3. Reduce the possibility of link decay
    Link decay means reducing the probability of the value with time. We all know, the link is the important part of search engine algorithms. In simple words, a backlink got from the content around ten years ago will not be of the same value as it was at that time. So, in case you earned 300 backlinks four years ago and have stopped producing the links and the other one who has just received 100 backlinks just a few days ago will have the more possibility in gaining the search engine results. Why? Because of the latest new links. So, what you can do to overcome this type of situation?

It’s simple, just produce a content which is evergreen. In this way, the content will continue generating the backlinks.

  1. Aim for diversity
    Today, most of the search engines are looking into the details behind the backlink.  It was not that easy as years ago when the only thing matter was “Link”, from where it came, how generated, were the least priorities. Whereas the links can be gained in many different ways such as Press releases, Blog commenting, infographics publishing, bookmarking sites, guest blogging, footer backlinks, social media profiles and much more. So, in case you are gaining the backlinks through one method then you need to change the medium as it can lead to a higher possibility of risk.  
  2. Implement XML sitemap
    Usually the search engine looks at some certain things when the website is ranked or indexed and in case those things are not up to the mark than the ranking is reduced by the engine. So, to improve the indexing function you can take help from the XML sitemap. There are many types of web building tools which provide the indexing function and gives the importance to the special pages by existing within the structure.
  3. Use of Robots.txt
    The list contains the files which shouldn’t be concerned while making the indexing faster. And according to that, it eliminates all those parts which are for internal users and for partners.
  4. Update SEO strategy
    In case you are using the same tactic from the longer duration and receiving the same type of response, the same type of links then there is a chance that organic search traffic will stop evolving. As long as you hold the same strategy lesser effective it will become with time. Why? Because it might have become so common that every second person is using it and is no longer giving the efficient output. Hence, you need to upgrade the SEO strategy to receive the better response in the form of traffic.

Closure Words:

The most interesting thing which makes SEO different is the topology which keeps changing with time. Tricks and tactics which worked years ago will not work today, to make the unique place then you need to evolve and eliminate the older strategy. The main thing is the designers of the search engine are constantly adapting to earn more and how to make cash by manipulating. Thus, the site which is SEO-friendly at some time will be less with time. That’s why it needs an expert understanding of SEO to gain the best-ranking website.  

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