Paralysis is a medical condition in which a part of the body or the complete body is unable to move normally. We call it hemiplegia to define paralysis in a part of the body, and paraplegia to talk about the complete paralysis of the body.

In Ayurveda, paralysis is called as Pakshaghat which is one of the Vata vyadhis as mentioned in the classical texts.

paralysis treatment

What is meant by Half Body Paralysis?

Paralysis is a medical condition in which a part of the body of the complete body is unable to move normally. It is called paraplegia when the complete body is having paralysis. We call it hemiplegia when defining paralysis in a part of the body. According to Ayurveda, paralysis is called Pakshaghatand is classified as one of the Vatavyadhis. Ayurvedic therapies help to correct vata doshas as they are the best treatment for paralysis in Ayurveda.

What Causes Paralysis of the Body?

The two most common reasons for paralysis are uncontrolled high blood pressure or any head injury:

  • Hypertension: Blood pressure has evolved as a factor because of an erratic daily schedule and sedentary lifestyle, stress, irregular sleep patterns and obesity. The erratic lifestyle causes hypertension which can lead to paralysis.
  • Head injury: Any injury to the brain injury or the spinal cord can also lead to a sudden weakening of one side of the body. The side of the body which gets paralyzed is the opposite to the side of the brain injury. Usually, when the right side of the brain gets injured, the left side of the body gets paralyzed, and vice versa.

Paralysis is classified as Vatavyadhi disorder; therefore, the paralysis medicine in Ayurveda aims to bring the blood pressure under control. It is better if the course of Ayurvedic medication is started without delay.

What is the Ayurvedic Treatment of Paralysis on the Left Side of the Body?

At Parijatak Ayurveda, one may receive the best massage oil for a paralysis patient. The patients are offered authentic Panchakarma therapies along with oral medications. The traditional Ayurvedic procedures followed are equally beneficial as the Ayurvedic treatment for paralysis in Kerala.

At Parijatak, you get the best massage oil for paralysis patient that are prepared after thorough research on Ayurvedic home remedies and incorporating them with the traditional means of application.

What do you infer about the Treatment?

Prefer herbal Ayurveda for curing paralysis. Following the instructions religiously gives more chances of improving. You need to follow the specific dietary plan in order to reduce blood pressure. Not to worry! That will be informed by the experts here.

With Parijatak, get the best Ayurvedic solution for curing paralysis of the left side of the body. For those who wish to seek best paralysis treatment in Nagpur, call Parijatak and get in touch with the experts.

 Being one of the best in rendering services in Ayurvedic methods of treatment, Parijatak Ayurveda has some of the dedicated Ayurvedic doctors who aim to give their best to the patients. Having them by your side can help cure any paralytic problem of the body.

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IVF, also known as in-vitro fertilisation is no more the last option for the couples. Earlier the people used to try all the treatments for infertility and then at last they would consider the IVF process. But today things have changed a lot and couples prefer to go with IVF no matter whether they are healthy or not. It is because of the simple reason that the success rate is quite high especially in young couples. So once you have decided to extend your family, you can get in touch with an IVF expert and move ahead with the process.


You have some of the best IVF experts and clinics who help the couples with the process. One such name that you can trust upon is Dr Shivani Gour who is the most experienced and best ivf expert in Delhi. With the experience of over 19 years, she has dealt with a variety of cases and this is what helps her to find the solution in every case. If you too have decided that IVF is the treatment you ought to try then why not connect with a reputed expert who can guide and assist you in a proper manner.


IVF – the new revolution in the medical science

Though IVF was started with the motive to help the infertile couples but today even the healthy couples want to go for IVF. It is due to the hassle-free experience, great results and completes assistance that is provided to them. This process has really helped the same sex couples who wanted to have a baby but could not due to some reasons. But now things have really changed a lot and IVF is getting more popular day by day.


The young couples who want to have a baby go for IVF as researches have shown that success rate is quite high in these cases. The younger you are, better will be the prospects of the treatment. There is no denial to the fact that as age increases the chances of success go down and start decreases as you reach the age of 40. This means that you need to try more than one cycle to get positive results. With more age, the number of attempts too increase and thus the cost of the IVF too.


Bright outcomes of IVF

The IVF process is successful in most of the cases but then consulting with your specialist is necessary. Whether it is the first option for you or the last recue, your doctor can best decide for you. One has to go through a series of medications, diagnosis etc to reach to the final conclusion. As a couple you too might have doubts regarding IVF and therefore you need to be sure of everything before the process is initiated. The outcomes are really brilliant but a lot depends on how things are carried out. Therefore always trust a best ivf expert in Delhi who can offer you the right advice.


Hope IVF helps you to become proud parents of a cute little baby and enjoy parenthood to the fullest.

             According to the leading Allergist NYC, An allergy begins within the system. Our system protects us from invasive organisms that may cause malady/infection. The system overreacts to the allergen by manufacturing immune serum globulin (IgE) antibodies.  These antibodies travel cells that unharness/release aminoalkane and different chemicals, inflicting an allergic reaction. Two kind of allergy treatments we have:drugs and immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is completely different from medications therein medications don’t eliminate allergies for good, however solely provide you with temporary relief as long as you still take them. Immunotherapy, in distinction, can give you with considerably higher management of symptoms and if continuing for many years, might cause permanent loss of allergies.


               ENT And Allergy specialist Doctor Shapiro takes proper care of you. With perfect diagnosis he provides suggestions, preventive measures to avoid critical conditions. The way he do diagnosis is amazing, his friendly and polite nature helps kids to explain their problems cleanly and without hesitation. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness and affect an estimated 30% of adults and 40% of children. With the severe case allergies, it becomes a problem or difficult, so managing allergies through treatment, depending on the type of allergies you have and how severe they are is the foremost way to deal with it. The most difficult step is diagnosis and determining whether or not you have an allergy to something. Outside of the obvious signs that one may be allergic to a particular substance, there are tests that can be performed to determine the source of the allergic reaction.

            People are too sensitive when it comes to remaining fit and healthy. They become the victim of different kind of allergies that sometimes may lead to dreadful results. In such situations Ear Nose & Throat Doctor Bayside take a different approach than most practices. We listen to you and create a treatment plan that helps you to achieve your goals. We offer a wide range of ENT services including allergy and infections, ENT care, hearing loss, hearing aids, and audiology. These specialists diagnose and treat conditions that affect the ears, nose and sinuses, voice box (larynx), oral cavity, and mouth and throat (upper pharynx). Dr. Shapiro is the best allergist, he is experienced, very professional and informative.

            Allergist NYC always suggests to limiting outdoor activities during certain seasons, avoiding contact with particular animals, wearing sunglasses and frequently washing the hands may reduce the severity of symptoms. For patients have allergies to indoor allergens, like dirt and mould, it’s going to be useful to stay the indoor atmosphere clean and to avoid the buildup of wetness. Not exploitation floor cover, during which mould will simply grow, may additionally be useful. Not using carpeting, in which mold can easily grow, may also be helpful.

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Dr Sniffles is best allergist and hive, ENT, asthma, food and Sinus Infection treatment specialists in New York.

There is a well-liked culture current social media that says, ” Yoga teacher training in India is my favorite thanks to faux to effort.” Once I found the infective agent, I totally disagreed. however via new analysis, yoga might not be thought-about a real effort.

Leaders in national health and exercise tips are comparable to those who work in a minimum of half-hour of moderate-intensity exercise. The intensity of exercise is measured in METs (metabolic equivalent of task). for example, one MET is comparable to sitting, and 5 METs is 5 times the maximum amount of energy expenditures as sitting. Activities between 3 and 6 METs square measure thought-about moderate-intensity. to place this in perspective, leisurely walking is or so 2 METs, while running a 12-minute mile is eight METs.

The Yank University of Applied Sciences reports that almost all yoga practices rank lower than 3 METs. However, it is crucial to notice the atypical review in the yank yoga alliance certification . In a lot of the study, researchers removed sun salutations and evaluated individual standing postures and pranayama. Some researchers looked at the situation at moderate to high-intensity. doubtless, the disconnect between the study and normal yank apply might skew the reliableness of the report.

Despite the study’s findings, most yogis would agree did 200 hour yoga teacher training course Varies in intensity.for example, light stretching, forward bending, and plenty of postures. On the opposite hand, several vinyasa categories, sun salutations, and inversions square measure moderate to high-intensity.

Does this study counsel always stop doing or limit yoga? completely not. simply because it does not necessarily qualify as exercise. However, to keep up, yoga alone might not be enough. Trauma-informed yoga  discloses the potential for physical transformation and profound medicine among traumatized ladies incarcerated into the juvenile justice system.

The study supports seasoned yogis’ information that yoga is not only for burning calories and shedding pounds. There are, indeed, alternative vital edges to an everyday apply. for example, YTTC in India builds muscular strength, wants increase flexibility, helps with balance, and reduces stress. therewith in mind, yoga is a very important part of an exercise plan. However, practitioners are forced to create special efforts to mate additional intense movement.

If you wish to make an appointment, here are some examples:

Salutation A and Sun Salutation B. Moving through sun salutes.

Practice additional dynamic movement, comparable to Shakti kicks or low lunge jump switches.

Include additional core strengthening exercises rather than simply doing them in the beginning.

Finding movement in standing postures creates an additional full-body effort. parenthetically, wave back and forth from mortal II to Reverse mortal for seven breaths. Be artistic, and obtain moving between postures. Traveling  is exciting and galvanizing, nonetheless it wants to shake up your yoga teacher training in India routine.

Depending on your application, yoga will not be able to fulfill the suggested tips for physical activity. tho ‘there square measure endless ways in which to induce moving, there are some exercises that complement yoga:

Weight Coaching wants to rev up your vital sign and build additional strength. Not Solely can this Facilitate advance your 200 hour YTTC apply, building additional muscle will strengthen and shield the joints, Resulting in fewer injuries common in yoga.

Running may be a surefire thanks to burn and apply one of yoga’s most vital parts. Like yogis, runners apply breath management and develop a deep breath capability.

If you have started yoga teacher training at Dharamsala at Chinmay Yoga for low-impact exercise, you may find it a nice cardio Possibility. Grab your bicycle and choose a moderate-paced ride, or add in an exceedingly few hills to induce your heart sport.

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Botanical Name :Nyctanthes arbor- tristis Linn.


According To Modern

Kingdom –Plantae

Order –Gentianales

Family     – Oleaceae

According To Ayurveda

Charak- Not include in Varga

Sushruta-   Not include in Gana

Bhavprakash- Not include in Varga

Other Names :

Hindi name-Harsingar
English name- Night jasmine or Coral jasmine
Bengali name- Shefalika, Shivuli
Guajarati name- Harshanagar
Kannada name- Parijatha
Marathi name- Parijath
Telugu name- Parijatamu
Tamil name- Majjapu

General Information :

 Habit – large shrub or small tree grows more than 15ft. in height. Bark – Grey or Greenish white, rough bark. Branches – Quadrangular strigose. Leaves – Simple, opposite, ovate, actue or acuminate, scabrous above with short bulbos hairs, densely pubescent beneath with appressed hairs, main nerves are few. Flowers – small, white with bright orange corolla tubes, 3 to 7 in each head. Fruits – Capsules, compressed, separating into two one-seeded segments.

Properties (Gunadharma)

Rasa- Tikta

Vipak- Katu

Virya- Ushna

Guna-Laghu, Ruksha

Specific Parts :

Leaves, Flowers and Seed.

Doshaghnata :

Kapha- Vatashamak, Pittashodhana.

Shloka’s :

शेफाली: कटुतिक्तोष्णा रूक्षा वातक्षयापहा│

स्यादद्ग्मसन्धिवातघ्नो  गुदवातादिदोशनुत│

Benefits :

  • Parijatak leaves juice or swaras is given in cases of constipation, intestinal worms, hepatomegaly and piles. Dose – 10-15 ml.
  • Dried leaves powder or bark of Parijatakwith betel leaf juice is given in asthma and cough. dose -2-3 g.
  • In eczema and ringworm infestation,the paste of bark or leaf is applied on affected part.
  • The flowers are used to prepare perfumes and scents after distillation.

Leaf juice or swaras is deepaniya,anulomanak,pittasarak and krimighna in nature hence used inraktadushti, agnimandya, vibandha, yakridvikars, Pittavikaras, arsha and krimi

Being kaphaghna its leaf or tvagchoorna should be given with patrasvarsa in kasa-shvasa.

It is mootrala hence also useful in mootrakrichchhra .

In kushtha and jvara.In sarpavishabadha; parnasvarasa in gridhrasi being vedanasthapana and also as Vatavahinibalya.

Prameha (Diabetes)

Decoction of Parijata (Nyctanthesarbortistis) leaves are given as a specific remedy by susruta-carya in the treatment of udakmeha.

Gridhrasi (Sciatica)

Parijata (Nyctanthesarbortristis) leaves decoction prepared on mild fire can alleviate Gridhrasi (Sciatica).


Formulation (Kalp):

Name                                         Indication

Parijatakwatha                         Gridhrasi

Nastapuspantaka rasa            Nastartava, Yonisula

Sankhapuspitaila                      Balaroga


Dosage :

Kwatha (Decoction) – 50 to 100 ml.

Swarasa (Juice) – 10 to 20 ml.

Choorna (Powder) – 1 to 3 gm.

Research Corner :         

The present study was intended to evaluate the antioxidant and antiproliferative activities of flower extracts of Nyctanthesarbortristis. The  shade dried flowers were extracted with 9.5% ethanol under sonication and the antioxidant activities were investigated using in vitro assays along with the determination of Phytochemical constituents (total polyphenol and total flavonoid).


A low sperm count is also known as oligospermia. Low sperm count means sperm quantity is fewer than 15million per ejaculation. This problem leads to failure of conception. Low Sperm Count and Ayurvedic Treatment India, Male infertility is much heard of in today’s lifestyle. You may have heard that females are unable to conceive normally when they are weak, but the fact is that male fertility plays a great role in the childbearing problems of the modern times too.

Today, sperm count in men could keep falling without their knowledge. Fortunately, there are many ways in Ayurveda to increase a Low Sperm Count. But before we get to any of those tips, it is important to understand what causes infertility and sperm count issues.


Basically, low sperm count is asymptomatic, but sometimes it shows as symptoms like

  • Problems in intercourse
  • Low sexual desire
  • Pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle area
  • Decreased growth of body hair and mustache
  • Change in gait and body language


Several causes have been cited for low sperm count which are:

  • Inflammation of epididymis of testes, or some sexually transmitted infections, including gonorrhea, or HIV can cause the testicular damage
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Surgery of bladder or urethra
  • Spine surgery
  • Use of medicines like-alpha blockers, steroids
  • Tumors of the pituitary gland
  • Radiation or chemotherapy
  • Undescended testicles

Treatment of Low Sperm Count

Ayurveda has a separate branch which deals with the management of defective semen and spermatogenesis along with sexual pontification. This is called as Vajikarana tantra.

  • The treatment of Oligospermia comprises administration of Rasayana and vajikara dravyas or medicines (verificatory or aphrodisiacs) internally.
  • Panchakarma treatment like kshetrikaran means suddhi of the whole body by panchakarma is effective.
  • Panchkarma like basti, uttarbasti, shiridhara, virechan, vaman are advisiable.

Ayurveda and Sperm Count

Ayurveda has the goodness of herbs and formulates herbal remedies for low sperm count treatment. With traditional methods, Parijatak Ayurveda brings hope as it is one of the best infertility treatment clinics in India. The doctors hold expertise in their fields and provide the best formulations and recommend natural foods to cure low sperm count and erectile dysfunction. Visit to get more info and talk to us about the perfect solution for your infertility treatment.

Lifeline laboratory are designed to identify the disease or illness of the humans on the basis of symptoms. Basically, humans get the physical test done in pathology labs on the behalf of doctors’ prescription. Once the test gets done, the pathology lab generates the test report. Now the doctor starts medication to the individual in case of the negative report. These labs provide the test reports related to major or minor diseases and distinct labs provide the distinct test reports. Well, there are various pathology labs in Delhi where you can get your test done whether cancer, DNA test, diabetes, thyroid, arthritis and more.

Everyone who feels symptoms that indicating to some disease is prescribed by the doctor or surgeon for some related tests and those tests are done in pathology labs. No matter, what test your doctor suggests? All you need to visit any diagnostic centers in Delhi so as your doctor can know and initiate your regular treatment that requires in your disease.

Well, no medical treatment can be done without the test report provided by the Pathology lab and suggested by the doctor on the basis our symptoms. Whether the test report generated by the pathology Labs near me can be either positive or negative but we can merely know this through the test report.

As per medical research, most of the treatments for major diseases are possible because the medical techniques have taken an advanced face by going through various research and test done in research and development department or organizations. A Specific test report is crucial for getting the better result because every treatment depends on your test reports. So, don’t compromise with quality and reputation of the pathology lab. Pick only the surpassing surgical, clinical or DNA test lab and diagnostic Centre in Delhi for superior health results. For more Information

Lifeline laboratory is a leading full body checkup test lab of Delhi, This is the most important task of every human being in their day today life taking full body checkup. This full body medical checkup is carefully a physical checkup, which comes under variety of tests depending on the age and health of the person’s condition. Nowadays people go themselves for the laboratory and get screened for general full body checkup. In regular medical checkup we find problems before they start.

Importance of Full Body Checkup

Medical Checkup makes it easy which means why and what the results were. This checkup should list the tests conducted and their results, “Health Is Wealth”, so taking Full Body Checkup once in a month makes life healthy. Today more emphasis is given on prevention of diseases and creating awareness. No matter how healthy we are in our life, we need to have regular checkups. We must make sure that, we are following the doctor’s directives and keep appointments with them. Many people who are below 40 years tend to have less regular full body checkup than the elder people.

Essentials of the Full Body Health Checkup;

By knowing full body checkup at the correct age will make us a healthier lifespan. And the most important task is having the right food, as well as exercising is very important for maintaining a good health. In the general checkup there are two types namely, regular and premium. In the regular the checkups includes kidney profile, chest x-ray, cardiac profile and consultation. And in the premium one it includes lung profile, blood profile and consultation, Almost one in three people in urban and rural, are not seeking the proper way of treatment because, they are not afford it. With the advanced tests technologies, Blood test lab and clinical laboratories can help in identifying various disorders accurately and completely around the world.

Full body checkup cost Delhi NCR as well book the test for whole body checkup profile lowest price in Delhi.  For more Information


With the kind of lifestyles that we live in the modern times, there are a lot of health problems that strike people that may be related to lifestyle issues. These problems usually relate to glands and hormones and cause the body system to behave in ways that are not normal and that may lead to greater amounts of issues in health and wellness. This is one of the most important reasons why one must know about the different issues that may strike the health, their symptoms, causes and the cures and treatments. When one is aware about health problems that they are likely to be struck with, one may be able to detect them on time and a resolution for the issue may be brought about before it actually becomes a bigger health scare. One of the most common problems that people are faced with is thyroid. There may be a number of causes for the problem and when it is diagnosed, one may have to meet up with a thyroid test in Delhi to know how it may be treated, t3 t4 tsh test price.


What Does the Thyroid Do?


Thyroid profile test price – The thyroid affects every cell in the body. Hormones that are found in the thyroid control your metabolism, body temperature, growth rate, muscle health, and your reproductive system. The thyroid gets instructions directly from your brain’s pituitary gland. Whenever your pituitary gland recognizes that there are low levels of Thyroid Hormone in your blood stream, it will signal your thyroid to create T3 and T4 hormones. These hormones are created in the thyroid initially in the form of T4 hormones. By absorbing Iodine, your thyroid cells can convert T4 into T3 hormones and secrete T3 hormones to every other cell in your body When your thyroid is not functioning correctly, then your body will stop working properly, thus resulting in your metabolism being greatly affected.


Imbalances with Thyroid Hormones


If your thyroid isn’t creating enough T3 hormone, then your metabolism will slow down considerably. On the other hand, if your thyroid produces too much T3, then your metabolism with quicken and you will lose weight rapidly. People who are trying to lose weight, and who having issues should get their thyroid checked in order to see if they are producing enough T3 hormones. By a simple blood test, your doctor can determine your TSH levels and then use this level to determine if your thyroid is working at optimum level. A high TSH level will indicate that your thyroid has slowed down your metabolism, while a low TSH value indicates that your thyroid is overactive. Often with doctor supervised weight loss programs, your blood levels will be checked to determine your overall health and your thyroid levels.

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Beauty for a woman is very important and she always wants the best look for making a stunning appearance in front of the crowd.  Breasts of a woman are not only a sign of an eligible mother who can feed her child but also a true symbol of feminism. But unfortunately, there are quite a good percentage of woman folk who are deprived of this natural beauty. Either they are having small breasts or wrong shaped breasts which make their overall appearance quite unimpressive.

At present in the market different types of cream and pills for breast enhancement are available. Most of these products are popular among the women all over the world. Among all these cream and pills, breast actives have emerged out as one of the most popular ones. It is a recognized name in the market in recent days. Huge numbers of women have already used this product and most of them are satisfied with its results.

As per the Breast Actives Reviews, we got to know that this program is very popular across the globe.  There are a small percentage of customers who used this product but still not satisfied because of two basic reasons. The prime reason is that they used this product in a wrong way. Another reason is the existence of disorder. But, mainly due to the wrong use of this product sometimes women do not get exact result of this product.

Are you are willing to buy this product and want to use this for giving your breast a good size? If yes, then it is always suggested to have full knowledge about Breast Actives In-depth Reviews, Result, Side Effect and Buying Guide. Once you start using this product you will notice that this product will fill up the breast size naturally and it will give you utmost pleasure to be the owner of a nice pair of boob.

Proper nourishment for the breast to grow better, bigger and firm is important. Breast actives possess the perfect combination of precious natural herbs and seeds. All these natural herbs are good for health and have no side effect on the body. The kits of breast actives come with cream and pills. Both the pills and the cream need to be taken and applied properly to get best results on time.

From Breast Actives Reviews you will understand how to use this product. The kits also possess all necessary details regarding when to take the pills and how to use the cream. The technique of breast message will also be mentioned over there and you need to follow the instruction properly. It is necessary to take the pills every day and you also need to do the message in a proper way daily for two times. By following the instructions properly you will surely have enhanced breast of the right size.

If you want to know the cons if any of this program then we have some. Results are slow and steady and not as quick as surgery. Any inconsistencies in using pill program will give minor or no results. You need to follow a strict diet plan to achieve the results.