The Best Product For People Suffering From Scars


 No scars cream is manufactured by torque pharmaceuticals ltd and helps in the lightening of the skin. The main ingredient is the melanin. The cream is mainly used for removing the scars from the skin and even helps in the situations of discoloration and even helps in the cases of dark spots.

The basic nature The cream that helps in skin lightening
Uses Can treat all types of scars and wrinkles
Some side effects Irritation, skin burning and other reactions

The benefits of the cream:

The main reason for the usage of the cream is the removal of scars and prevention from discoloration. The discolorations can occur because of pregnancy or hormonal therapies. The cream can be used in the following cases:

  • In case of acne: under this there are some spots and pimples on the face and other body parts of the person. The cream helps in effective removal of such spots from a person’s face.
  • In the case of melasma: under this there are brown patches on a person’s face. This can happen because of pregnancy, hormonal therapies and many more things.
  • In the case of eczema: under this the person suffers from itching and irritation on the skin. The cream helps the people in such cases also.

The side effects of the cream:

There are not much side effects but in some cases there may be some. The most common have been mentioned as follows:

  • The de-pigmentation
  • May cause irritation to some people
  • There may be pimples
  • Lightening of skin
  • Eczema
  • Some reactions on skin which may cause allergies
  • Burning sensations
  • The hyper pigmentation

In cases one feels such issues then the person must seek the medical attention and then there must be proper treatment.

The common dosage:

The cream is for external use only. The cream must be applied by the expert advice of the doctor only as the cream contains steroids which may affect the person adversely. The cream must be applied on the dry and clean areas by the expert advice of the doctor only.

  • In case one has missed the dosage: the person must take the dosage as soon as possible in case one has skipped it. One must not use it if the next application time is near only. One must never over apply the cream on the affected area in such cases when the person has missed the dosage.
  • In case there is over-dosage: one must take proper care that such situations never occur.  Due to presence of steroid the over dosage may affect the person adversely. In case one has applied the excess cream then one must seek the medical attention as soon as possible.

Composition and ingredients of the cream:

The nature of cream is to lighten the skin. There are many active ingredients in the cream like momestatone.

The 20 gram pack of the cream in India is available for rupees 234. The no scars face cream has high utility for all its users.

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