Liver disease and transplant in India


When a person is suffering from minor health problems, then doctors usually prescribe some medication. Otherwise, they recommend some proven therapies. But if a person is suffering from severe problems, then they should undergo surgery. If a person is suffering from cancer, then the doctor prescribes some complicated procedures such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, radio frequency ablation, etc. When, a person is suffering from liver cancer, and then they recommend liver transplantation. The liver transplantation in India is performed by the expert doctors.

Liver transplantation

Liver is an important part of the body that releases the unwanted substances from the body and produces bile juice for digestion. It maintains the level of glycogen in the body and produces some important substances in the body such as the RBC cells, plasma proteins, hormones and hence helps in proper digestion.

Symptoms for liver disease

When, the liver does not function properly, and then the patient should undergo diagnosis because he may have developed liver cancer. The person suffering from liver cancer usually experiences the following symptoms:

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Weight loss
  3. Vomiting and nausea
  4. Swelling in the abdomen

The person usually develops these diseases into four distinct stages and in the fourth stage; it spreads to the blood vessels also and affects the organs surrounding the liver. Then, in the last stage, it has invaded the lymph node region and it is usually fatal. But, liver transplantation in India is performed by the most reputed hospitals. Many large hospitals are established today in India that provides treatment for cancer.

Who undergoes liver transplantation?

Liver transplantation is performed to the patients who are suffering from liver failure problems. This procedure should be performed before the surrounding organs are affected. The diseased liver is extracted from the body and healthy liver is replaced. A healthy liver is replaced from the donor. The operation is performed to the people who undergo significant complications or chronic liver disease. The person can lead a healthy life for many years. The people who experience the problem of cirrhosis or scar tissue usually undergo this surgery.

The people who undergo liver surgery are the people who suffer from Hepatitis B and C, liver disease caused due to liver, nonalcoholic fatty liver problems, genetic disorders or liver cell damage.

The average cost of liver transplant in India is relatively cheaper than the cost in the western countries. So, to perform such major medical surgeries, people come to India. The medical cost for liver transplantation is relatively lower in India. The multi-specialty hospitals in India provide all types of services including blood tests, diagnosis, and treatment and also provide post-operative treatment to the patients. The patients can drastically save their cost by performing a major surgery.

The average cost of liver transplant in India is surveyed as one-fifth of the cost in other western countries. So, the people from underdeveloped nations, who cannot travel to other western countries, travel to India. The cost of flight tickets and accommodation charges are also relatively lower. So, they visit India whenever they experience such major health problem.

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