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7 Brau is now a popular name among beer enthusiasts and aficionados in Korea as well as the rest of the world. This craft beer brewery brought the taste of locally-made ale beer in Korea for the first time and since then remained a pioneer in preserving the traditional flavours of beer, as well as introducing a range of premium Korean beers in the market.

When the rest of the world was already swimming in the endless options of pale ales to well-aged stouts, Korean bars and restaurants were still mostly serving microbrews like Bud Lite, Miller and Corona. Craft beer breweries or microbreweries were still foreign concepts in the Korean alcohol market.

The concept of microbrews and craft beer were alien to the entire nation. 7 Brau Brewery introduced the concept of a craft beer brewery in Korea. It is the third beer manufacturing and distribution company in Korea.

The history of craft beer brewing in Korea

7 Brau began as a small pub, which had big aspirations. So unlike their contemporaries, the 7 Brau pub began serving world-class, premium beer only. Very soon their interests outgrew serving and they began to investigate beer manufacturing.

Microbreweries might have been around for decades in Germany, France, and even the USA, but in Korea, it is fairly new. The brewmaster at SevenBrau Beer Corp., Heesang Kim states that the Korean craft beer market slowly began gathering momentum in the early 2000s. SevenBrau Beer Crop. pioneered the modern craft beer brewery movement in the country.

The first step towards micro brewing beer in Korea

Their first and only factory is in Hoengseong, the Gawon Province of Korea. With plenty of pure water available and a rich supply of the finest quality hop and malt, it is no surprise that the SevenBrau Beer Corp. now produces one of the finest tasting craft beers in Korea.

Less than 15 years ago, Korean people believed that ale could only be imported and not made in the country. SevenBrau Beer Corp. has taken the courageous step to change the popular belief and treat the people of Korea to their first, quality, micro-brewed craft beer.

Where can you find 7 Brau beers?

Now, you can find 7 Brau beers in a pub near you. Whether it is an evening with friends or a formal dinner; you can brighten up the evening with a round of 7 Brau premium malts. It is tasty because it is healthy. Unlike several other beers from across the globe, this craft beer brewery does not use artificial filtration processes.

From pale ales to robust dark beers, now 7 Brau brewery has extended its expertise beyond the common lager. The premium ingredients, sourced locally undergo traditional fermentation processes alongside technology-driven and highly controlled production.

What is so special about this Korean craft beer brand?

The state-of-the-art craft beer brewery in HoengSeong only uses natural groundwater and the finest certified hop from Germany. Any beer aficionado can tell a 7 Brau beer apart from its contemporaries by the fine taste differences. The 7 Brau brewery steers clear of the high-pressure filtration method that makes it both savoury and fresh. Know more about what is craft beer and why craft beer become popular.

7 Brau brewery leverages the latest fermentation and brewing technologies that strictly control the hop sorting, quality testing, fermenting and filtering processes. The brewery has claimed a dedicated following on the national and global scale.

What types of beer can you find under the 7 Brau label?

7 Brau brewery offers a wide range of beers including the Hangang Ale, Independence 1909, India Pale ale, Black Charisma (original stout), Korean Pale Ale, Imperial IPA and the Original Golden Lager, Pilsner. Each has a distinct taste, colour, plato, alcohol content and fermentation type.

In less than two decades SevenBrau Beer Corp. has redeemed the reputation of Korean beers in the international market. 7 Brau brewery remains the first entity to have successfully introduced the first Korean ale in the country. And since then, the history of Korean beers has been re-written!

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