Most Expensive Luxurious Food Items


Many of us think that expensive food ingredients are really expensive, but you will surprise yourself when you will learn that there are some expensive food ingredients also. There are some ingredients like, which we don’t even need to pay much money for. Some of these ingredients are sugar, salt and fats. These are some ingredients that we can use without spending a lot of money.

expensive food ingredients

Some of the expensive food ingredients are spices, herbs and spice extract, saffron. Middle and upper class of the population like the higher and middle class foods, either expensive food ingredients or just cheaper food as compared to the lower class, they cannot afford this luxury food then they can just enjoy cheaper food as per their economic status. 

In this modern world, now there are thousands of expensive food ingredients being used daily in the preparation of various dishes.

1.  Saffron 

Saffron is an expensive spice and this expensive food ingredient is widely used for various dishes. However, this expensive spice comes from Iran. You can find saffron being used in Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines. However, saffron is not found in every part of this world. Nowadays, the saffron can be found in almost every part of the world and is considered as an expensive, rare and exotic ingredient. Therefore, if you are going to cook any of these dishes then you must make sure that you have the authentic saffron.

2. Sweets

Sugar is also another important expensive food ingredients. Most of us eat sugar as a sweetening agent in various kinds of recipes. However, this cheap artificial sweetening agent has many side effects on our health. In the recent times, people are trying to avoid artificial sweeteners and instead, they are trying to use natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. However, these natural sweeteners are more costly than the artificial sweeteners and are also equally beneficial for our health.

3. Cheese

House cheese is another important expensive food ingredients. We all love cheese, right? Well, did you know that house cheese is also considered as an expensive food ingredients? House cheese is commonly available in most of our daily meals and is usually prepared by mixing milk, butter and cheese in different proportions. However, this food is more popular in some parts of the world than in other parts of the world and hence this very common ingredient is considered expensive.

4. Vanilla

Another expensive food ingredients that are widely available in our daily meals is vanilla. Vanilla or white truffle is considered as the world’s most expensive spice. Nowadays, this spice is available in different varieties, including white truffle, French vanilla, Italian vanilla, Swiss vanilla, Brazilian vanilla and many more. Most of these varieties are available at a price of $ 5000 per pound.

Now, you must be thinking what makes white truffles so expensive?

Firstly, the main ingredient, saffron, is considered to be expensive because it is not available in the grocery stores at a cheaper price. It is available only in a laboratory. Therefore, saffron is costlier than vanilla or milk. Secondly, saffron is not a regular ingredient in our meals; therefore, it is priced more expensively than other common ingredients. If you need to buy these expensive ingredients, make sure you buy them from a laboratory.

Furthermore, saffron cannot be prepared at home since it cannot be used with other food ingredients. Therefore, if you want to buy this expensive ingredient, buy it from a laboratory. Lastly, another famous expensive spice is vanilla; but unlike saffron, vanilla is a common ingredient in our meals.

Vanilla flavoured ice creams are widely available at a cheaper price in comparison to kopi luwak. However, consumers do not like kopi luwak, as it has a strong flavour. Moreover, it has a foul smell, as compared to the flavour of vanilla ice cream. It is also widely available in grocery stores and cheap price.

If we compare all the expensive ingredients to one luxurious ingredient, then that would be vanilla. Vanilla flavoured ice creams are popular and affordable. This means that everyone can afford it without feeling guilty about the money they are spending. Furthermore, vanilla ice creams can be prepared at home, making it a luxurious food for everyone. In addition, there are also other more expensive ingredients, which cannot be found in our meals. They are exotic spices that are more expensive to purchase.

The most expensive ingredient is black truffles. These are a very rare type of food item, and they are made only from the seeds of a black truffle tree. Nowadays, this expensive food item can be easily bought from the online store. As they are rare and expensive, they are expensive to eat as well. This means that eating a single black truffle is a great meal, because it tastes so heavenly.

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