McSwirl’s Latest Limited Edition Ice Cream out Now


The holy month of Ramzan is coming to a close, and that signals the end of fasting, and the commencement of feasting. As all connoisseurs of fine dining will agree, no meal is complete without dessert, especially if the meal in question is anything close to the legendary Eid feasts.

Speaking of desserts, McDonald’s has always produced quality deserts. They serve a diverse range of delectable for anyone with a sweet tooth. The relatively recently launched McCafe has only furthered the reputation already garnered by McDonald’s in the dessert category, with a host of lip smacking and thirst quenching items.

In India, one of the most sought after ice cream variations is the softie. Softies are, as the name suggests, delicate to the touch, but surely do pack a punch to your tastebuds. Softies are found all over the country, in various sizes and with varying flavours, However, the soft serve that you get at McDonald’s is one of the most unique. This is so because instead of use vegetable oil, which is fatty, milk fat is used, and that sweetens the deal. This means you can consume multiple soft serves without having that nagging feeling of guilt.

This Eid, McDonald’s has introduced a limited time offer for a very special variety of soft serve ice cream – The Rose Twist. Flavoured and scented like the rose, this soft serve will melt in your mouth instantly. This special ice cream cone is available for only 3 days, form the 15th to the 17th of this month.

The Rose Twist is the ideal combination to pair with a spicy snack or burger, such as chicken nuggets with the newly unveiled Sriracha Dip, or with a wholesome McAloo Tikki or Maharaja Mac, depending on your palate. The soft serve cones have been a raging hit since launch, and has arguably garnered a dedicated fan base who swear by it. For them, it’s simple, Ice Cream means a soft serve ice cream cone from McDonalds. With a range of delectable meal combos readily available to customers, this is diverse addition to an already hearty menu.

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