The holy month of Ramzan is coming to a close, and that signals the end of fasting, and the commencement of feasting. As all connoisseurs of fine dining will agree, no meal is complete without dessert, especially if the meal in question is anything close to the legendary Eid feasts.

Speaking of desserts, McDonald’s has always produced quality deserts. They serve a diverse range of delectable for anyone with a sweet tooth. The relatively recently launched McCafe has only furthered the reputation already garnered by McDonald’s in the dessert category, with a host of lip smacking and thirst quenching items.

In India, one of the most sought after ice cream variations is the softie. Softies are, as the name suggests, delicate to the touch, but surely do pack a punch to your tastebuds. Softies are found all over the country, in various sizes and with varying flavours, However, the soft serve that you get at McDonald’s is one of the most unique. This is so because instead of use vegetable oil, which is fatty, milk fat is used, and that sweetens the deal. This means you can consume multiple soft serves without having that nagging feeling of guilt.

This Eid, McDonald’s has introduced a limited time offer for a very special variety of soft serve ice cream – The Rose Twist. Flavoured and scented like the rose, this soft serve will melt in your mouth instantly. This special ice cream cone is available for only 3 days, form the 15th to the 17th of this month.

The Rose Twist is the ideal combination to pair with a spicy snack or burger, such as chicken nuggets with the newly unveiled Sriracha Dip, or with a wholesome This Eid, McDonald’s has introduced a limited time offerMcAloo Tikki or Maharaja Mac, depending on your palate. The soft serve cones have been a raging hit since launch, and has arguably garnered a dedicated fan base who swear by it. For them, it’s simple, Ice Cream means a soft serve ice cream cone from McDonalds. With a range of delectable meal combos readily available to customers, this is diverse addition to an already hearty menu.

As the festivities continue, so do McDonald’s trend of coming up with blockbuster combo offers. To commemorate this Ramzan, McDonald’s brings to you two amazing offer combos – the Hearty Chicken Combo and the Festive Combo.

These wholesome combo offers are the perfect way to celebrate with friends and family. McDonald’s has always been a popular destination for family gatherings, chilling with friends and for solo burger enthusiasts as well.

Burgers from McDonald’s have stood the test of time and become one of widely catered dishes around the world. In your local McDonald’s, you can get both savoury gourmet burgers as well as the wholesome but uncomplicated McAloo Tikki. The diversity and variety of burgers that we have access to has been absolutely mind boggling, and slowly, steadily and gradually, the burger has replaced the ‘samosa’ as the Indian youth’s go to choice of snack.

This Ramzan, you can avail these great combos from your nearest McDonald’s Outlet.

Hearty Chicken Combo

This is the one of the purely chicken combos out there. If you’re a fan of chicken, then look no further. The first item of the combo is crispy fried chicken strips, which are succulent and subtly tangy pieces of chicken with a crispy deep fried coating which makes it a gastronomical delight. There are three pieces of crispy fried chicken, and is best coupled with the amazing Sriracha sauce. Very few snacks in the world are as collectively loved and consumed on a large scale as Chicken Nuggets, an item which was coincidentally popularized by McDonald’s itself. This combo features 6 chicken nuggets. The final piece of this epic jigsaw puzzle is certainly the most mouth-watering item – two pieces of wholesome chicken patty – no bun, no bread, just the juicy patty. To accompany this chicken extravaganza you get a refreshing glass of Coke.

Festive Combo

This combo has a very festive vibe to it. The festive combo features signature McDonald’s fries as accompaniment, a choice of veg or non-veg burger, naan or wrap for your main course, a glass of chilled Coke to quench your thirst, and a soft serve hot fudge as dessert.

Can you imagine missing out on your morning coffee? Exactly. Coffee has quickly grown from being a luxury to a necessity in a short span of time. Although India was among the first countries to have started consumption, the rates were low. Over the last couple of decades, as Indians grew acquainted to globalization-induced commercialism and got ace ss to avenues of pop culture, Coffee set out to wage war on the Indian’s obsession with tea.

Today, coffee is the preferred choice of beverage in most social circles, and it is only growing in popularity. Though there exist preferences and varieties, especially keeping in mind the wide range of blends of coffee that are available today, there is one thing that all coffee aficionados will agree on. There is nothing quite like that first cup of coffee in the morning. The internet is flooded with intricate pop culture references, hilarious memes and several other convincing content stressing on the importance of the first cup of the day. Here to make it even more wholesome are these 6 solid combos from McDonald’s that perfectly complement a cup of coffee, all for just Rs.99 per combo:

  • Dosa Masala Brioche + Coffee: Made with fresh vegetables, and special herbs, the patty of the Dosa Masala Brioche conjures up an authentic South Indian flavour that not only fills your sense, but also your stomach, especially when paired with some coffee. The bread used in this delicacy is a Brioche, which is typical French technique of making fluffy bread.


  • Belgian Waffles + Coffee: Waffles are finally here! The rising popularity of this lip smacking breakfast food has been greeted by fans all across the country, and now you can get your morning sorted with this amazing combo.


  • Masala Scrambled Eggs + Coffee: Remember scrambled eggs from your childhood? With a distinct flavour of home, masala scrambled eggs can help you reminisce and will make you miss your family while you sip some nostalgia from your cup of McCafe coffee.


  • Hot Cakes + Coffee: Hot cakes, or pancakes, are traditionally consumed in the Indian subcontinent in the winter months, but thanks to McDonalds, they’re now available throughout the year. All you have to do is to walk in to your nearest McDonald’s restaurant or Drive Thru, or simply order online. What’s more, this delightful sweet breakfast goes splendid with a steaming cup of coffee.


  • Corn & Spinach Brioche + Coffee: A patty of grilled corn and spinach is enveloped in a crispy brioche, a fancy French bun that is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. This is the ideal burger to accompany your early morning cup of coffee, as its soft tangy flavour will complement the strong coffee with great effect.


  • McMuffin + Coffee: The McMuffin comes in egg and cheese, sausage, and corn and spinach options. This dish is ideal to with a hot cup of coffee on your way to school, or work. Whatever be your pick, this wholesome combination will keep you charged and satiated till lunchtime.

We live in an age of radical transformation. Notions, ideas and beliefs held in high regard a decade ago are now considered antiquated, regressive and often, offensive. A consequence of living in this fast paced society, we have readily accepted drastic changes in our lifestyle and worldview. In fact, we have not only also implemented it but also helped shape the environment necessary to sustain such change. When I talk about lifestyle, I refer to eating habits.

Research has proved that there are several factors that affect your digestive health. What you are eating is only one such factor, and not the only determinant, as held in popular regard. There are certain other factors, such as the preparation, the duration between cooking and consumption, temperature, hygiene, and the quantity of serving also have a considerable amount of weightage on your health.

Our ever-changing eating habits can be due to experiencing what can be called a time-crunch. We seem to have lesser time on your hands than before. Of course, the time crunch isn’t real, but the phenomenon is caused by longer working hours, higher density of traffic which leads to longer commuting time, and other such factors. We often opt to purchase readily available meals at restaurants or takeaways as a reactionary measure. However, unintentionally or otherwise, very few affordable Indian restaurants are hygienic.

Hence, international fast food brand has come up with an excellent solution for all of us who are pressed for time. Introducing the wholesome new McAloo Tikki Burger – a balanced meal on its own. The McAloo Tikki Burger, of course, has been a mainstay in the McDonald’s India menu since 1998, but has undergone several transformations over the years. It was introduced as a unique vegetarian burger, attuned to the tastes and sensibilities. The latest version of the burger is packed with necessary amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Let’s find out more about the ingredients of a McAloo Tikki Burger.

The main component of the burger is the juicy and succulent peas and aloo patty, sprinkled with special Indian herbs and dipped in a coating of fried breadcrumbs. The patty is then embellished by tomato mayo, freshly chopped onions, and tomatoes. Then, the wholesome patty is enveloped in a hot and crispy freshly baked bun, and served up for your delight. The tender patty complements the bun very well.

The McAloo Tikki Burger has been a hit not only with Indians, but also with foreigners. Many have found the flavour to accurately encapsulate an endemic Indian cuisine, in the accessible form of a burger. There are 19gms worth of vegetables that go into each McAloo Tikki Burger, an initiative that has appeased Indian mothers from across the nation. Further, the complete lack of preservatives and added colours makes it all the more enticing. Further, McDonald’s have added dietary fibres to their McAloo Tikki Burger, along with their other offerings. The inclusion of dietary fibres is a measure to keep your digestive system in good functioning health.