Tips And Tricks For A Luxurious Looking Christmas


The eve of Christmas is a great deal for people all around the world. It is the day everyone gets together, forgets their life stress, and enjoys good times. It is also the time of joy, prosperity, and making memories of a lifetime. 

But no Christmas eve is ever complete without a beautiful looking Christmas tree. So, this post will share with you some easy tricks to choose and decorate one for your home. Have a look. 

Start With The Base

The first and the most important part of the decoration is the tree itself. There are multiple sizes and shapes of Christmas trees in the market. You can also expect to see different species and leave shapes. Depending on your budget, you can go for the economic pine trees or the expensive Fir family trees. You can also consider an artificial Christmas tree as a much economical. You will also be able to use it multiple times.

It’s a personal choice, and the decision is all yours. As long as the tree fits your place and has a perfect shape, it’s good to go. Just make sure to buy a few gloves if you go for the pine family. Some trees of this family are sharp. You can easily get yourself bruised while handing the Christmas Icicles on it. And don’t forget to check out some decorations and Christmas icicles for trees while you are in the market. You will need them for the next steps. 

Set Up The Lights

After you have the tree, find a spot that doesn’t receive much movement. It will ensure that the tree stays unharmed, and you can work on it quietly. 

Now, the next thing to do is to start decorating it. The simplest approach here will be to start with the least movable decoration and then move to the finishing decors. So, the first thing you will be using is the lights. You can use multi-colored lights, white light, or any other depending on your home interior.  It’s also ideal to buy luxury icicles for the tree. It looks amazing and completes the vibes of the snowy festival.

The light needs to have a decent distance between them and make sure to start from the bottom. It will make sure that the wires stay hidden and do not interfere with the other decors. It is also ideal to buy Christmas icicles for trees that have thin wires. 

Once the wires are in place, start covering them with ribbon and garlands. Again, follow the same trick, start from the bottom and hide the unwanted things.

Add Ornaments

The Christmas tree may look good with lights and ribbon but it’s never complete without some decors. In this case, you have several options to explore. There are the lights balls, artificial snowflakes, artificial birds, flowers, and many more. If you have icicle lights, getting some icicle Christmas tree ornaments is also a great idea. 

The only thing you have to make sure is that you don’t pile up the ornaments. Try mixing them and using them to your advantage. For instance, place the shiny ornament in an angle with the lights, so they can reflect it. Similarly, place the large or heavy ornaments near the bottom.  

Finishing Lights

The final part of the Christmas tree is its top light. It is the first thing that anyone will notice and the element. The key to perfection here is the size and color of the top light. It needs to be a perfect fit, and its color should match both the tree and the interior design.

The light is tricky to put on the top with all the other elements setup and may need some time, but once it’s there, the tree is ready. Just turn on the light and enjoy your Christmas eve.  

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