Economic Outlook Top Constraints On Property Market


Nobody can deny the fact that the Realty sector boosts the economy on another level. The landowners, location, the saturation of the capital are some worthy factors to consider. However, in the last decade, it is observed that there happen to be some economic hurdles in the realty sector. So, it is important to analyze the economic constraints in the property marketplace and ZemBuilders are in the front line to clarify your vision by explaining the top constraints and how to cope up with them.

Some Economic Constraints In Real Estate Sector

Here are some hurdles that will help you to analyze the property market trends.

Slowdown In Realty Sector Since 2017

  • This slowdown occurred due to economical, fiscal, and political uncertainty. Lack of grounds for stockholders, prohibition of non-filers from acquiring properties worth over Rs 500,000 except if they enroll with the FBR, non-FBR Strict instruction on filers’ bank transactions.  A high tax imposed in the situation of transfer of property, and this dissuaded investors from devoting in the realty sector.
  • Another reason for the slowdown is the ill-usage of the building resources and budget, which led to a contraction in the construction and building sector and, ultimately the property sector. Despite the dismal outlook in the previous years, we are optimistic that 2020- 2021 brings a good time for investors.
  • Another problem, however, is more general and global i.e. govt spending is known to be less than required, and the economic return on investment is much lower than private-sector spending.
  • The realty market is left behind by illiterate agents who do not have the essential skills to supervise people, and this leads to fraud. The country needs a federal and provincial authoritative institution to help guard the rights of landowners.
  • The realty sector in Pakistan is inadequate to reach its highest capacity due to unnecessary regulation by the FBR. Tax is not imposed on the property held for more than 4 years but if a property valued Rs 5 million is sold within a time span of five years, then five percent tax will be imposed and the property sold within 10 years of ownership will be taxed at fifteen percent

How To Overcome these Constraints?

There is a general need for governmental accountability on immovable property. The higher authority has to develop some tactics to grow the tax base. Inflicting tax dues on already taxpayers will cause infliction in two different ways; first, it will compress the tax base as individuals will begin dealing in cash money in place of banking transactions and would store their money. Another harm is that investors will invest their wealth in international properties outside Pakistan.

The govt should realize that its 2 schemes of 5M housing projects and 10M jobs will be successful only if the realty sector develops. The reason is that there are many industries and mills that are directly or indirectly, associated with it. The realty sector growth would be a path of prosperity in different industries like the building sector which values 2 percent of Pakistan’s GDP.

Another important factor to consider is to monitor the societal development by constructors as the process of stabilizing the land takes several years. Supervision of real estate monitoring management will create reliance among the people, especially the Pakistanis who are living abroad, to devote capital in this sector trustfully.


Now you are aware of economic outlook top constraints and how to deal with them. You will be able to analyze more real estate opportunities and how to survive in the realty sector in Pakistan easily and effortlessly.

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