Link to buy credit card recharge and pay bills


Returning to the Moboo Charge site you can charge in less than a few seconds

If you use a credit card and decide to recharge, you haven’t paid a few bills for weeks, and you don’t have time to pay. The first step you can take is a simple search on the Internet, with the headline “Buying an Internet Charge”.
The result is a search of multiple pages from sites that sell online and do your business virtually.

But you can’t deny the integrity of all the internet product sales sites, offer a window to buy credit and pay bills to your mobile site.

In a conversation with webmasters , Valve introduced his website as follows: “This site allows you to purchase credit card recharge for various operators such as Irancell, First Mobile, Rytel and Talia and other online payment phone bills. It is possible, no matter which credit card holder.

There are many ways to charge First Mobile, Irancell and Ritel credit cards such as using relevant command codes, website usage, apps and more.Do you know how different the purchase or renewal of charging card of different operators is? There are many ways to charge different types of SIM cards, while Irancell has more varied methods than other operators. In this article we will introduce grammatical codes and other methods of charging Irancell SIM card, first mobile and Wright.

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In addition to the online methods available on the app and various Moboo Charge sites, the following can be used to charge Irancell SIM card:

۱. Purchase Recharge through Grammar Code # 1 *

This purchase is for subscribers who do not have access to the Internet or ATMs. For this purpose, after dialing the # 8 * star command code through Irancell SIM card and choosing their preferred language, they can enter the amount of their charge and after entering the bank card number with its second password, the SIM Charge your card.

۲. Purchase charging by IV

With Voice Phone 2, in addition to purchasing a charge for other Irancell subscribers, it can also pay for bills and receive a charge for regular and credit subscribers.

۳. Purchase a charge through the Moboo Charge website

Visit the site to buy recharge , using your mobile phone you can buy for yourself and other MTN subscribers charge. Once you have entered this site, enter the desired mobile phone number and then select the type of charging, enter the desired amount and pay for it through the available bank port.

۴. Purchase Irancell recharge through the dandelion site

Another way to buy Irancell instant recharge is to visit the Dandelion site.

۵. Purchase Irancell recharge through the grammar code

In this way, Irancell subscribers will be able  to charge their SIM card after purchasing Irancell Charging Card by entering the  # 2 or 2 digit * 7 * digit code * .

۶. Buy Irancell recharge via SMS

To use this method, you first need to text your charging number to # 1. Remember that you must first register your bank card number by dialing # 1 *.

۷. Buy Irancell recharge using ATM

To do this, you can choose to purchase the Irancell charging card available at your ATM and enter the amount you need to charge. Banks under contract with Irancell include Banks of Commerce, Bank Post, Agriculture, Nation, National, Pasargad, Sepah, Export, Sinai, Futures, Modern Economy and Cooperative Development.

۸. Purchase Irancell internet charge through pos devices

After visiting one of your sales terminals and inserting your bank card into the pos device, you can select one of your desired sums from the charge purchase menu and receive a PIN after deducting the charge from the receipt device.

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