10 Tricks About Watch Boxes You Wish You Knew Before


Tips and tricks of luxury watch boxes can not only help you create flawless packaging for your designer watches. They may also find you ways to further reduce the cost of the packaging. There are presently many types of boxes that the brands are making for luxury watches. We need to explore our options fully before taking the leap and ending up with a typical box for watches you are designing. There are many ways in which you can find out the best and most fitting style for packaging. Read on and you will end up with an outstanding design as beautiful as your watches!

Not all Watches need to go in a sleek Premium looking Box:

Indeed a very important thing to understand is that not every watch that is of premium quality needs to go in a very luxurious looking box. Watch box organizers can be branded too and something as useful as they can also be paired with a premium quality luxury watch. Think out of the box because your first few ideas are probably what everyone else can think of. If you want the product to make a mark and be known for its distinctive features, you have to understand the importance of being different.

You can find Cheaper Boxes in a Good Deal:

The whole idea of watch boxes wholesale is to make good quality watch packaging at a cheap cost. So when someone says the word wholesale, it doesn’t mean that it is some low-quality thing that you may be getting for pennies. Wholesale boxes for watches are in fact fully customized boxes with your own logo on top of these boxes and everywhere on them.

You can design assorted watch boxes for your designer watches

Although one usually finds the boxes for watches in a certain shape, type and colour, generally signifying the brand, but you can total get assorted packaging for the watches. Although assorted packaging may cost slightly higher than the regular packaging, the impact they deliver is great!

Customizable watch gift packaging for special Gifts:

Did you know that just by allowing buyers to customize their watch box, you can increase your sale and popularity by 200%? Rigid watch boxes which are meant to be gifts, when they are customizable when things as little as the option for an initial on the box is offered, you become a people’s favourite brand in no time. Make you watch look like a special gift, be an easy gift option with a customizable box and you will be working magic for your buyers.

Watch Packaging with receiver initials:

Same as the customizable packaging, if you are making premium luxury watches, why not add an extra bit of detail and luxury to them? You must have the name or the detail of the one who ordered the watch, or maybe you can ask them for it and surprise them with their own initial on the packaging. This is basically a very genius idea considering you’re not investing anything on it additionally!

Wholesale watch boxes are not necessarily cheap:

Once again, always remember while ordering watch boxes that the word wholesale should not put you off. Wholesale can get you some great quality stuff at surprisingly great prices! Why the term wholesale was created was just to give you a general idea that even though something looks fancy, when you order it or get it made it in a bulk quantity, you get it at a great price.

Watch wedding box design inspiration from Etsy and Pinterest:

Watch packaging box inspiration is best found on Etsy and Pinterest. Why we love these two platforms is because there are people from around the world with unique ideas. Before you invest in the suggestion of your wholesaler or the packaging manufacturer, do get a lot of inspiration gathered from these two platforms and collect lots of references. You will find such great ideas!

More coverage on Instagram by outstanding watch packaging design:

These days, it goes without saying that everyone likes showing off their valuable purchases and gifts on Instagram. 90% of the target market you have must have an Instagram so why not use their feed for your benefit? Create exclusively interesting packaging that one wants to share in a second! Remember to keep in mind that the packaging should not only have a nice look and feel in your hand but also in photographs. Avoid glossy textures as they are very tricky to photograph.

Luxury watch boxes with an additional oomph

Have you ever thought about using bling or sequins on your watch packaging boxes? because if not, then you must try the custom luxury boxes. We bet your target buyers may never have seen such a thing!

You can get almost anything you want at a price you want!

We can’t insist on the importance and value of wholesale. You simply can’t miss all the great benefits wholesale is offering! Sometimes, the wholesale packaging can, in fact, offer you an even better structure, built, quality and design than most premium quality packaging services where the MOQ is less than 100. Always order your samples before you take the leap and order the wholesale boxes to be on the safer side!

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