LI-FT Pigment Removal – Quick Guide to Microblading & Permanent Makeup Removal


Tragically, with the developing craze of eyebrow tattooing and microblading treatments, there has been a plenitude of wrongfully prepared and unpracticed professionals flooding the market with cases of microblading pigment removal. The need to redress the issue and solutions for getting rid of these marks is at an untouched high than ever before. In such case, LI-FT pigment removal is your best bet.

You need someone with experience and in-depth knowledge in permanent cosmetic removal. The major part of patients have issues with their eyebrows or eyes, however, it can be anywhere. The technique utilized – LI-FT pigment removal – is a characteristic salt solution that works quicker than laser and is equipped particularly towards correcting wrong microblading.

Almost the entire pigment can be removed in a single session if the problem region has not healed yet. The initial 24 hours after a messed up system is the most beneficial time to get a basic LI-FT pigment removal treatment. Each day after the underlying color application that a customer holds up worsen the case to remove the permanent cosmetic or tattoo in a single application.

After 3 days of the shade application, up to two-third of the pigment can be removed with just one session. At 7 days, around 30% can be removed and the amount becomes lesser and lesser as the number of days increase. Once completely healed, you would be required to undergo up to 3 to 6 treatments to get a satisfactory level of blurring. These rates are simply rough estimates in light of the normal customer.

The outcomes of the LI-FT pigment removal treatment also depend on different factors including the measure of color embedded, kind of color, depth or density of color and strategy for color implantation. Microbladed eyebrows are one of the more precarious methodology to turn around because of the more forceful embed strategy and injury caused by the cuts from the microblade. Customers who had a poor microblading knowledge need to get in inside the initial 3 days after their application. It is to lessen the danger of dealing with various removal medicines or chemicals.

A Microblading Or Permanent Makeup Removal Treatment

The treatment is a non Laser, all normal treatment. Not at all like laser, you won’t free your eyebrow hair, you won’t have laser scars, and you don’t need to be a month and a half healed  before a treatment! A sterile salt solution is inked into the skin to influence the ink to release.

  • You are given anesthesia feel less pain.
  • You are furnished with after care guidelines and consultation.
  • Your home care items are given to you at no additional charge.

Once a satisfactory measure of shade is removed with the help of LI-FT pigment removal, you can settle on another eyebrow strategy if you might want!

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