Keep a watch on your health with the apple watch


Launched in 2015, Apple watch like its other products has managed to set a benchmark in the market and also amongst the hearts of people across the world. A watch which was initially considered as an accessory made by Apple, with its looks and premium look. People start experimenting more with its look like changing its look with the apple watch milanese loop, the apple watch stainless milanese strap etc.,  Later this watch was noticed more and grown into being recognized as a device on which people can rely for their daily basic health reports. 

People have incredible stories to tell related to this watch, the common thing between all the stories is that all of them are somehow related to benefits, be it health benefits, keeping a check on essential things, etc., 

Evolved into a successful series, Apple has launched series 6 in 2020. Helping people to lose weight, to saving people from heart attacks this watch has paved its way to millions of hearts. 

Let’s dive into a deeper understanding of how this watch is beneficial for all of us:

  • Protection against hearing damage:

There’s no scarcity when it comes to digits counting people suffering from hearing problems. Of all the reasons, the most common one is that ears are exposed to loud noises. Apple found a way to treat this as well. The noise app they launched was exclusively meant to serve this purpose. Apple watch detects loud noise which is above 90 decibels. In addition to the same, it also notifies you when it detects the risk of hearing loss. 

  • Magical for women:

The apple watch has this new cycle tracking feature which is a gift to all women out there. It is quite common that so many women forget about their menstrual cycle these days as they are already being occupied with hundreds of things. If the ladies are indicted a few days before they walk out being prepared with it. This is exactly where women are benefited from this feature. Women can track their periods on the health app. Irregular periods can lead to health problems like PCOS, infertility, etc., 

  • Fall detection:

Although people made quite fun of the fall detection feature launched by apple in its apple watch, later people came to know it’s productive use after experiencing it. Even though galling seems funny at times but in reality, it isn’t funny though. There are people who have given credit to this watch for saving them from falling into that dangerous pit. This feature works by making sounds in the form of an alarm, sending you a push notification asking you if you’re fine. If the watch doesn’t observe any action or so neither it receives an answer to the push notification sent, by default it calls emergency services and emergency contacts for help. 

  • Alerts regarding unusual heart rate:

The ECG app feature launched in 2018 in apple watch 4 is based on heart rate. First of all, it was not taken that seriously but as people started to use it, now it has become one of the most prominent features of the apple watch. This app detects atrial fibrillation (AFIB) via 30 seconds test. These heartbeats are important to keep in check as they can lead to strokes, blood clots, and even heart failure. 

The latest apple watch series 6 has an automatic heart rate detector which sends you notifications if it observes anything unusual. In a case where you receive such notification, you should consult a doctor for sure. 

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