Learn Why Loan Origination System Bring Harmony In The Loan Process


Lifestyle is changing, and needs are also increasing over time. Human wants never stop as one desire is fulfilled; another desire is born. People are taking loans to complete their short term as well as long term needs. It’s difficult to have a vast amount of money at a time. One needs to take a loan from the bank or other financial institutes to meet their objectives.

Bankers follow the guidelines to offer loans to ensure there is no loss and more transparency.  

Nowadays, all financial organizations use commercial loan origination software to make their task easy and eliminate the paperwork. Many consider BankPoint as the software has delivered significant relief to the financial companies.

What Are the Types of Commercial Loans That Financial Business Deal?

Permanent Loan

People invest in property to earn profits- like purchasing a property for carrying the business. So, definitely, to get a property, one needs a higher amount. Hence, the permanent loan takes place. They are generally long-term loans for at least five or more than five years to purchase commercial property. To qualify for a permanent loan one must have some amortization. 

➤Bridge Loan

There are some short amount investments that require a loan of less amount than what requires a permanent loan. Bridge loans are short-term loans that stay upto to three years. Moreover, one can also take a loan for six months. The unfavorable part is the high-interest rate in contrast to a permanent loan. 

➤Commercial Construction Loan

A commercial construction loan is taken by realtors or real estate agencies for constructing a new building. The loan varies according to the project size of the client. It can be a short to long-term loan. 

Handling loans is not easy. An authoritative person is responsible for the errors if they show up. Make sure to rely less on the manual procedure and start using the loan origination system that offers multiple features and make the task smooth. The software sends reminders, instant notification, track customer credibility report, maintain documents, etc. that keep your business productivity high without delays. 

How does Software Help in the Loan Procedure?

➤ Real-Time Information

The traditional loan process needs your physical presence in the workplace to access the information of a customer. Now, there is nothing to worry about as the software allows access from anywhere & any device to check the customer’s real-time data. 

➤Cloud Storage

The documents are safe and can be easily found if misplaced through the software. It has cloud storage to safeguard the client or customer’s financial & personal information. This one can be found in old-style loan procedures where documents have a high chance of being lost. 

➤ Customer Portal

The customer can track its own details by experiencing the software insight. The customer can check the loan process status, pending payments, or any extra guidelines that are beneficial for him/her. However, there is more chance for customer satisfaction. 

Get the best factoring software solution for your financial business for the integrated management and bring efficiency & effectiveness to work. 

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