How Can a B Tech Degree Improve Your Career?


Studying Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) brings prestige. Obtaining an engineering degree is an excellent accomplishment for students in India and abroad. If you aspire to be an engineer, the career paths you can pursue with the engineering degree may surprise you. The B Tech course duration is between three-four years, depending upon the country and the institution. In India, the duration to complete the B Tech degree is four years, divided into eight semesters. The four-year undergraduate degree programme opens doors to umpteen career possibilities. 

Many high school students wonder whether they should opt for a B Tech degree at the undergraduate level, constantly weighing the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing engineering. According to Statista, the engineering and manufacturing industry hired 20 per cent of freshers in 2021 and is set to employ around 24 per cent of fresh engineering graduates in 2022. The Statista report further suggests that engineering graduates had the highest employability rating in 2022. With over 55 per cent of the employability rate in the engineering sector, the future looks bright for those entering the profession.

This article will talk about how an engineering degree can improve your career. Read on to explore how studying engineering can set you up for professional success.

Top reasons to study engineering

Here are the three best reasons to pursue a B Tech degree- guaranteed to improve your career:

1. An engineering degree brings financial security

If you long for a lucrative career and a better future, engineering is for you. Most educational think tanks, job portals, and blogs rate engineering as one of the top-paid undergraduate degree programmes. According to payscale, a certified and experienced Data Scientist in India makes INR 70,00,000 per year. B Tech graduates specialising in data science can land well-paying jobs in leading IT companies. 

2. Obtaining a B Tech degree brings prestige

Engineering is considered a coveted degree in India. As the degree brings prestige, B Tech is consistently gaining popularity among students with science backgrounds. Perhaps it’s a matter of pride for Indians that the country now has more engineers than the United States and China.

3. It provides a strong foundation

A majority of college graduates today have more than one career during their professional journey. A B Tech degree provides a strong foundation and prepares students to pursue any job after graduation. The degree focuses on equipping students with logical thinking and critical analysis skills and also improves decision-making skills to prepare them for any problem in the real world.  

Winding Up

Studying engineering goes a long way. After completing B Tech, students can enrol in higher degrees to enhance their subject expertise and gain specialised knowledge. Getting a post-graduation degree can also help students land senior-level jobs. As the degree improves your career trajectory, you can apply for the course in top-notch universities in India for a better future.

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