Top Ways An Immigration Attorney Can Help You


Hundreds of thousands of people seek immigration into the United States every year. In fact, it is estimated that 99% of US citizens are related to an immigrant. However, the process is certainly not an easy one. There is various paperwork you need to file, deadlines to meet, and laws to learn about. All this can become overwhelming, especially if you do not have much knowledge in the field. 

An immigration lawyer Dallas can be of great help during such a situation. You are likely to achieve successful outcomes if you get legal counseling during the procedure. 

Top ways an immigration attorney can help you 

  • Asylum application. 

If you want to submit an asylum application, you might have to go through a lengthy process. Sometimes these processes can even take months, if not years. Moreover, if you withhold some important information or include incorrect information, you might have to begin the procedure all over again, which can set you back. 

Applicants usually have to go through an interview to establish if they pose dangers or threats. It can be disturbing for some people to relive their traumatizing experiences and share them with a stranger. Hiring an attorney can protect you from these things. 

  • Protect family members. 

If you recently moved to a new country with your spouse, children, and old parents, an immigration attorney can ensure that your loved ones can receive resident status as well. Having a trusted and experienced immigration lawyer Dallas by your side will ensure peace of mind that you will not be separated from your family. 

  • Deportation. 

Deportation refers to the action of removing a foreigner from a country. Deporting of a person can devastate families and, in some cases, put a person’s life in danger. If you or your loved one is facing deportation, you must seek legal advice as soon as possible.

The notice of deportation can scare a person, and they might not be able to think straight about what steps to take next. In such cases, attorneys can fight for their rights and ensure a less stressful court procedure. 

  • Green card. 

A green card lets you live permanently in the United States and become a resident. However, obtaining them is not easy, and it is easy to get denied due to minor errors. An expert immigration attorney can be your guide throughout the entire process and make sure you do everything right. 

An attorney can help you with the following: 

  • Find out if you are qualified for a green card.
  • Protect your rights. 
  • Help you sponsor green card applications.
  • Assistance in the application process. 
  • Recognize restrictions that may prevent you from applying.

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