How no-fault divorce impacts financial settlements?


When a marriage dissolves, it is essential that the parties come to a final agreement on how to divide their assets, which is then codified into a legally binding court order, and that they do so as part of the divorce process.

The purpose of this is to provide both partners with future financial security and certainty.

Regardless of one’s financial situation, reaching a financial agreement is essential because, by signing a legally enforceable agreement as part of a divorce, one protects their financial position not only at the time of the divorce but also in the future. They can, for instance, protect future assets and prevent their ex-spouse from accumulating future debts.

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Laws regarding no-fault divorces and financial agreements

The new no-fault divorce law will probably have a very good effect on the financial aspects of divorce because there is no need to assign blame.

In accordance with the new method, parties can even submit a joint application, allowing partners to collaborate from the onset in cases where they have determined that their marriage has irretrievably fallen apart. They can only benefit from tackling the divorce process cooperatively and collaboratively.

Regardless of the cause of the divorce, there will undoubtedly still be occasions where disputed financial issues arise. However, it may be argued that in these circumstances, having a divorce process that compelled one party to assign responsibility merely made things worse.

A period of cooling off

A minimal cooling-off period will be implemented as part of the present law’s modification. The time between the initial divorce application and the conditional order will be 20 weeks.

A cooling-off period gives the parties more time to work out their finances. After obtaining a conditional order documenting their financial agreement, they can file a consent order.

Getting to the point

Most of the time, the reason for divorce is unrelated to money issues. Therefore, any heightened hostility brought on by the grounds for divorce was only likely to make it more challenging to come to an amicable financial agreement. 

As a result of the divorce law reform, couples will be able to act in the best interests of their offspring, as well as that of both parties.

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