Alia Bhatt’s 7 off-screen beauty secrets you must know about


We have seen Alia Bhatt don different roles in movies. She runs around for promotional events, shoots for endorsement campaigns, and travels across the globe. Despite all this, there is never a dull moment for the leading Bollywood actress. Ever wondered how does she maintain her hair and skin in perfect shape? No worries. Alia Bhatt beauty secrets are revealed.

  • Skincare regime: One’s skin is a reflection of what is inside. Alia Bhatt drinks plenty of water. She also swears by one facewash that works wonders for her, just like for anyone else. Alia Bhatt uses the Garnier Pure Active Neem+ Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash. That covers one part of Alia Bhatt beauty secrets.
  • Night care: While most of us use Garnier’s face wipes, Alia Bhatt prefers to keep it simple here. She uses natural herbal wipes from Boots to remove her makeup. Alia’s tip to the young girls is to allow the skin to breathe. Doing too much can confuse and harm it further.
  • Home remedy: No skin care is complete without the touch of natural home remedy. Have you found your face all puffy and bloated in the morning? Add a dash of ice on it. This is why Alia Bhatt does every morning. Also, she finds Multani Matti very effective.
  • Juice or another cleansing: Alia Bhatt beauty secrets also involve detox. If you wish to follow this, you would have to fly to Austria for the same. Alia Bhatt visited Viva Mayr, a detox spa where she was asked to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner before sunset. She also had to keep one and half hour gap between each meal. She follows the same process at home as well. The detox spa mentioned to not drink water just before or after the meal. She only consumed detox-friendly food items like underground foods such as sweet potatoes and beetroots. So, juice detoxes are a myth and gulping them all together is not a good idea as you could miss out on essential nutrients.
  • Hair care routine: Alia Bhatt washes her once every two days and if she is not working then once in three days. She stays away from hair products when not. Else, she prefers Philips’ hairstyling products.
  • Makeup tips: Alia Bhatt makeup story is fascinating. Until she was 15 or 16 years old, her mother Soni Razdan did the makeup for her. She copied her mother applying kajal, considering Soni Razdan believed she had tiny eyes. Alia Bhatt wore kajal to school every day. Everyone in school thought she was a goth, depressed, and crazy. Now, Alia Bhatt prefers Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal as it stays long.
  • Beauty icon: Alia Bhatt looks up to Hema Malini. She feels the yesteryear actress hardly requires any effort and is positive, as well as, happy from inside.

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