All You Need to Know About Italian 00 Flour


It cannot be refuted that Italian recipes are something that booms the world with their ultimate taste and yummy flavors. Whether it is a Pizza, Pasta, Lasagne or any other dish; each one of them has its own craze. But have you ever think that what makes them so special?

Well, today, in this article, we are going to reveal the truth of the exotic taste of all the famous Italian dishes. 

According to the latest research, it has been found that the Italian 00 flour which is also referred to particularly Italian milled flour that is used for making Pasta is the core ingredient of Italian recipes.

This ingredient is also famous with the name of Doppio Zero which means double zero. Basically, the number 00 determines the quality of the flour. The grading system is 00,0,1, and 2.

All these numbers are mainly used to symbolizes that how finely crushed the flour is and how much of the germ and bran have been removed.  For example, 2 is a wholemeal flour whereas 00 is the most refined out of the three and has the lowest level of bran. It is as same as the unbleached plain/all-purpose flour, which is a mixture of both soft and hard wheat, and though while finer, it helps you to prepare a soft dough and maintains a chewiness when the pasta is cooked. 

Why is 00 Flour Better for Pizzas?

As we all know that an ideal pizza crust is that which is thin from the middle, with a side that balloons slightly to give it that all necessary crunch. There are two reasons due to which 00 Caputo Italian Pizza flour is best for pizza dough. One is finely ground, and second is, it has a lower gluten content as compared to the other flours.

Which is the Best Italian 00 Flour?

Caputo 00 “Extra” is the best Italian 00 flour. It is having lower protein almost about 11%.  This organic Italian flour is used for pizza and bread, and Italian confections.

From Where one can get  Italian Flour for Pasta?

One can easily find 00 flour at specifically Italian markets or online. There are numerous Italian food online stores on the internet from where you can get this flour effortlessly.

How to Store Italian 00 Flour?

Storin an Italian 00 flour is not a difficult task. One can store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

For more information about 00 Italian Flour for Pasta, Pizza or other delicious dishes, feel free to visit Italian food online store now!!! 

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