All you Need to Know About An Effective Kindergarten Program


Any place that offers child-centred Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF) programs is a good place to start with when it comes to exposing a toddler to a good environment. The concept of EYLF was developed by observing children on a regular basis, followed by an evaluation of their needs. Following these parameters, activities for children are planned to create programs that meet a child’s needs. A systemic approach that has helped develop areas of personality development in children, it requires each child to be pace guided at their individual learning pace to teach the child a fun, individualist and comfortable learning pattern. This program is evaluated on a regular basis in kindergartens Program in Tootgarook.

The Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being, Becoming

Why is a framework important in learning? Its because children learn better when they feel like they belong to a place, or a person, by association with learning. The EYLF system helps children feel like they belong to a cultural group, the community, a family, or even a neighbourhood.
Another aspect is ‘Being,’ wherein children learn to relate to themselves and build relationships with others. Activities based on this framework allow children to experience the trials and tribulations of everyday life and earn their responses to these.
Becoming is the last aspect, which refers to the changes that occur in a child during early childhood, the main thing that teaches children how to participate actively as an individual in society.

By enrolling your child at an institute where this framework is being followed, you can be assured that:

  • They will study in environments that are developed to enhance co-operation and self-help skills.
  • They will be exposed to opportunities where they are able to express their creativity and develop motor and gross motor skills.
  • They will be able to expand the thinking as well as their reasoning, apart from the problem- solving skills.
  • They will be better prepared to attend a school after a successful tenure of basic structural learning.

A New Change

The Kindergarten program for kids in Victoria is undergoing another change with the help of government funding. An additional investment of $2.5 billion into early education and care is helping replace the childcare assistance systems like Child Care Rebate and Child Care Benefit, with the Child Care Subsidy. This shall support 1.2 million families using the present early education and care.

On the basis of this program, principles of security, respect and reciprocal relations and partnerships, expectations and diversity, and continued learning and practice are inculcated in a child.

The Benefits

This kindergarten program shall influence many areas of education for children. For example, it shall influence the level of activity by the parents. The subsidy depends on the lower figure of the parent’s time spent on work-related tasks. It also covers the income of a family, as well as the amount of early education childcare that has been undertaken by the family.
In order to make full use of these subsidies, parents are expected to complete a Child Care Subsidy assessment via the citizen my Gov accounts. This assessment collects new information while confirming other important details like the total family income, parents’ activity level and the type of childcare service being received.

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