Factual Information About The Firewood


Whether it’s a fire pit, fireplace, the type of firewood, you use must have a great influence on how well your system performs and how delightful is your experience. Well quality firewood will burn more effectively as compared to the wet wood or the greenwood that might cause smoking, odour problems along with rapid creosote buildup which might even lead to dangerous chimney fires. If you spent a few minutes understanding the firewood, you’ll have all the information that you’ll ever need before buying the cheap firewood in Sydney. If you’re the one looking for ‘buy firewood near me’, then this is the right page for you. 

General Background of Firewood 

The heat which is produced by burning of the firewood is basically the energy from the sun. As you know, the sun is the ultimate source of energy on the whole planet. If you talk about burning wood, you must know that it’s a quick reversal of the process mentioned above. It liberates the heat of the sun when you need it the most. This is unlike the burning of fossil fuels, like oil or gas, because burning firewood releases no harmful green gases that might rot the forest floor. 

Things to Know about Seasoned Wood

  • It is quite understandable that all the firewood consists of water. The freshly cut out woods might consist 45% of it while the seasoned firewood might consist of 20-25% along with the moisture content. One of the most important things is that the water will be gone before the wood starts to burn. 
  • In case your wood is cut in advance, like six months to a year and is properly stored, then the sun and the wind will do the job for free, of course. Again, if you try burning green wood, the heat produced with combustion will dry out the wood before it starts burning. This will use up a large percentage of the energy available in the whole process. In this way, less heat will be delivered to your home and gallons of acidic water will be deposited in your chimney in the form of creosote. 
  • Wood consists of bundles of microscopic tubes which are used for the transportation of water from the roots to the leaves of a tree. These tubes will stay full of water for years even after the tree is dead. 
  • That’s why it’s important for you to cut your firewood six months or before you start burning it. It gives the water a chance to evaporate as the tube ends are open and the water only has to migrate a foot or two to escape out. Splitting out the wood also helps you in exposing the surface area towards the sun and the wind by cutting out the wood in the shorter length. There are various things that you need to look for in order to see, whether the wood is seasoned or not. If the wood is well seasoned, it will have darkened ends, splits, cracks and other things that are relatively light in weight and it makes a clear clunk whenever the two pieces come together.

Storage of Firewood 

Well seasoned firewood can easily be ruined by bad storage.  The firewood logs for sale is here and you must check them out in order to have the most reliable and affordable firewood for yourself. The firewood company in Sydney is the best in terms of reliability and affordability. The storage of firewood is really necessary if you want to keep your firewood safe. Also, it’s essential for you to choose the best firewood organizations in order to make the burning process better and smooth. On the whole, find a type of firewood that helps you in burning and cooking without producing too much smoke. You can easily find the best ones at the firewood company in Sydney.

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