7 Funny Adult Birthday Party Games to Keep your Guests Engaged


Whenever we throw a party, we all expect our guests to be rolling over with fun, joy or even some good old intoxicating booze. But keeping the endorphin levels high for everyone may be a challenging task especially if you are clueless about which direction to head the party in. 

Just imagine the horrors that might torment your mind if you overhear your guests referring to your party as ‘boring’ or ‘dull’. What you can do to avoid such disgrace? 

Luckily, since you have come to the right place, I will provide you with a list of activities that will keep your guests as engaged as a stockbroker hooked to the morning news. Get your adult birthday party supplies in bulk and prepare to throw a mind-blowing party!

Let’s have a look at a few.

Guess what:

This game will keep your audience on their toes played well.

Fetch a couple of cards or cut a paper into card-sized chits and write a few random words on each card. Divide the players into 2 teams. Now let one member of the 1st team sit while other members of that team line up elsewhere and pick up a random card. 

Show the card to all the players in the room except the sitting member of the first team. Now make each member of the 1st team say one word related to the word on the card. The sitting member of the 1st team has to guess the word on the card in a pre-specified number of chances (ideally 1) based on the hints provided by his team members. 

Add a point to the team if they get the guess right. Do the same for all members of the first team and then the 2nd team. The one with the highest points wins.

Tune it up:

If your clan is into music (as is everyone else’s), you might opt for this song guessing game which is fairly simple to play.

Just divide your bunch into 2 teams and arrange for a music playing device of your convenience. 

Start playing a song. 

The teams will bid to first guess the name of the song and the artist, each right guess claiming 1 point. The team to guess first takes the point if correct. If guessed wrong, the second team can make the guess. You can use a buzzer between both teams if the heat is really high. 

Needless to say the team with the highest points wins.


This is a classic game that never fails to hook every soul in the room. 

Here’s how it’s played.

Get your guests sorted into 2 teams. Let, for instance, team A write down a few names of movies or songs or any other mutually decided genre. 

Repeat with team B. Now let a member of Team A pick a random card from team B. He must use only gestures to convey the name on the card to his team members. He can break words into syllables and get his team members to guess one syllable at a time, then join the syllables to make a word, then join words to name a movie or song.

 Repeat with all members of both teams. The highest point snatcher wins.

Reverse Charades:

A variation of the above game leads to this piece of entertainment. Everything else remains the same, except for the number of guessers. When it’s the first team’s turn, to act, the team will send all the members to do the guessing while one of them will stay back to decipher what his team is trying to say. 

The fun part here is that the guesser will be looking at his entire team gesturing. This game packs more fun as the gesturers will have to compete to gain the attention of the guesser. Repeat till every player of both teams has had a chance to play the guesser and the team with the highest points wins.


This is the most engaging and exciting of the board games I have ever played. It will craft for you a financial scenario based on random chances and wise choices, which also sounds a lot like the real-world business scenario.

 It used to be a childhood obsession of mine and I still find it fun to go for around every once in a while. Buy a board if you don’t have one and gather all your guests around it as you commence your journey into this fantasy world. 

Murder Mysteries:

These are fun and interesting board games which have a mystery element associated with them. Buy one of these with good reviews. Let your guests secretly resort to nasty crimes as the others try to guess the culprit. The suspense factor will keep the guests glued to their places.

Never have I ever:

There is again an evergreen game that needs no introduction. There are many variations of this game and you may adopt one or create your own as well. 

The gameplay is simple. Gather players in a circle with a drink in their hands. The first person starts the game by stating something that he or she has never done. If anyone else in the group is guilty of having done that same activity, he or she takes a sip from their glass. The first one to finish their drink wins. 

This was a list of fun games you can play to keep your guests in the zone as their rising adrenaline levels satiate your desire of the contentment drawn from the knowledge of you being the party boss. Use your creativity to give interesting variations to these games wherever possible. As a planner, birthday party decoration supplies give us an immense sense of content knowing that we are to be credited for the thrill and excitement prevailing in the air.

Hope you have a blast.

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