Wonderful Uses and Applications of Boric Acid in Your Daily Life


Boric acid, also referred to as boracic acid and chemically as H₃BO₃, is a soluble white powder that has a range of medical and daily life uses. It is a chemical substance with antiviral and antifungal properties. The first known use of the compound was as an antiseptic.

The demand for boric acid for sale has risen in the last few years, thanks to its discovered usage in various kinds of applications. It’s a low-toxicity mineral that comes with fungicidal, insecticidal, and herbicidal properties, making it a suitable compound to use in a range of cleaning products. 

Free-flowing boric acid powder can be used in different types of applications, including hardening steel and pottery glazing. It can be used along with Beeswax for lotions and creams. Also, boric acid powder has its usage in homeopathic medicinal use. It also makes an incredible ingredient to be used with solutions to make cleaning agents for the lens. 

Boric acid is called by many names. Some of the popular names are boracic acid, Acidum boricum, and orthoboric acid. Sassolite is its naturally-occurring form. The compound was used in cleaning solutions during the Greeks and Roman times. Today, it has many wonderful uses in daily life.   

Here are some of the known uses of pure boric acid powder:

  • It helps to get rid of Roaches

Cockroaches are among the most disgusting insects, commonly found in homes. They can invade your living space and spread harmful bacteria. Although there are various kinds of products in the market that help eliminate these insects, they are costly or feature harmful chemicals. 

As a cost-effective alternative, you can get boric acid for sale and mix it with bacon grease. You can create a blend that attracts roaches and succumbs them to temptation.  

  • It Works as an Eyewash

Boric acid was a common ingredient among the Greeks and Romans. They used it with various other compounds to create an eyewash solution. Boric acid is a popular compound to mix with Epsom salt, and warm water to create a solution for treating itchy and dry eyes. The blend can be used to treat various kinds of eye infections. 

  • It Helps Create Ear Drops

The increasing demand for boric acid for sale is due to its antiseptic properties. Similar to eyes, ears are also susceptible to infection. Here, boric acid can work as an effective solution to get rid of the problem. A small amount of boric acid can be mixed with vinegar and distilled water to create ear drops that help treat infection-causing bacteria.  

  • It Helps Treat Yeast Infections

The compound is well known for its ability to treat the yeast infection, a condition caused by the fungus candida. The acid can be used in capsules, which can be placed in the infected area to treat it. The compound has been found effective against yeast infection.

  • It has Antioxidant Properties 

Many recent studies have confirmed antioxidant properties in boric acid. These features make it a beneficial compound to clean an object from the inside or remove unwanted metals from the bloodstream. 

  • It has Anti-cancer Properties

A study published in 2009 concluded that boric acid can help reduce melanoma’s cancerous cells. Several researchers, after the study, worked on the compound’s properties and found them a potential cure for melanoma cancer. 


Boric acid is a wonderful compound that comes with many benefits. In its pure form, it can be a powder with anti-cancer properties. To make the most out of the compound, you need to buy it in its genuine form from a trusted supplier. Get pure boric acid powder and make your wonderful products. 

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