6 Best Wedding Surprises That Groom Can Give to His Bride!


There are some events taking place to our life, which changes the whole definition of life for us. One of them is marriage. It is the most common social bond that ties up not only to souls in a string, but also two families with each other. Through the ceremonial wedding celebration, two souls take oath of being with each other forever. This is a journey of togetherness of two human beings, whose path might have been different till now, but after marriage their life course converges into one single direction. The groom definitely loves the bride the most. Though many other people sends gifts, blessings and presents on this occasion, the best one is given by the soul mate to his better half. 

1) Make a Secret love notes journal

Love is that eternal bond that ties two souls, no matter how far they are from each other. And in today’s world everyone believes in love before marriage. So, in your relationship days, you would definitely have spent endless moments of love together. Wedding is no doubt the best thing to happen to you, but this love journal as a birthday gift is the best bride and groom gifts to each other. You can make a scrap book with pictures of love moments with short notes below about the incidents and the feelings. Such a beloved gift from the ‘would-be’ husband to the ‘would-be’ wife will make her wedding dreams come true. 

2) Champagne and flowers surprise

Combination gifts are often the best gifts to express multiple numbers of feelings. One of the best combination to set as the wedding gift to your beloved wife is drinks and flowers. Among the drinks, the champagne is the classiest one. You would know her choice of brand and flavor of liquor. Buy a bottle of that along with her favorite floral bouquet. Or you can opt for your favorite flowers to her and send the gift to her on the very wedding day. As you would be super busy on your wedding day, you can trust the online sites. There you can buy flowers and gifts online for her of the best quality. 

3) Arrangement of Breakfast in bed

Love is what defines life. We all love to be loved, cared in life by our soul-mates. Usually it is the bride who takes care of everything of the groom. But, there can definitely be a role reversal. And it would be amazing. On the wedding anniversary day, you could be the first one to gift your beloved a gift of love and the best gift of the day. Nothing is a bigger gift than caring. SO, on the very day, you can make her favorite breakfast and wake her up with it, the anniversary gift and the good morning wish. SO, her day would be the best forever. 

4) Slideshow of memories

As you convert your relationship into social tie of couple through marriage, now you become free to share your love moments with the closest ones in your life. SO, at the late night of the wedding day, when the outsider guests will go away, you can plan a private slide show of memories with your closest ones. On the slide show you can tell them the whole story between you and your love of the life. Such would be a great moment of joy and enjoyment to be celebrated with the closest people who are nothing but life to you. 

5) Plan a private moment after the vows

As we human beings are social people, no matter what we believe in social ties. In marriage, once you take the vows with each other, you would be considered as married to your soul-mate. SO, after the vows, if you steal some private moments with her, everyone will cheer you for that. And such moments are the most precious things that will never be happening again in your life. So, make a good plan of having some intimacy at a secret place after taking vows with your soul-mate, on your wedding day. These small things make the best memories of life. Don’t forget to order romantic flowers for her to surprise her. 

6) Thoughtful gifts throughout the day

You might think what does the groom buy the bride on the wedding day? Well, love can make the smallest thing look beautiful to the best person of the world. The best thoughtful gift to send your beloved wife is a beautiful bouquet of roses with very personal love note that she would keep forever with her. 

As wedding is special, so is wedding gift from the groom to the bride and vice versa. Above are the best wedding surprises you can send to your beloved bride on the wedding day. 

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