Why Honda Insight 2021 is Ideal for People Looking for Hybrid Cars?


When people are looking for a hybrid model, excellent fuel economy is at the top of their checklist. One of the reasons as to why Honda Insight 2021 is an ideal hybrid car for people to purchase is not just because of its remarkable fuel efficiency but also its look and design. Moreover, its spacious and comfortable riding aspect makes people take a look at it when in San Leandro Honda dealer

Get to know about Honda Insight 2021 in detail!

Balance between fuel consumption and quick acceleration 

One of the reasons this car has been selling like a hot cake is due to the Honda’s impressive work of balancing lively acceleration with adequate fuel economy. With a fast acceleration, this vehicle matches power of numerous gas powered compact sedan. Also, this car has been tested to prove that its acceleration is much better than most hybrid vehicles that are currently available in the market. 

With a combination of gas and electric motor, this car generates 151 horsepower that assist Insight 2021 to reach 0-60mph within 7.7 seconds. In addition, on electric motor this car can travel a distance of 1 mile, if driven at a low speed. 

When accelerated, a driver might feel the engine to be louder a bit but overall this car is refined and quite. It is without any doubt one of the most pleasant cars to drive around because of its refinement, comfortable aspects, spacious, and efficient handling. When taking a test ride one might feel that it might be similar to some extent mechanically to Civic. 

Furthermore, with supple suspension, it has a way of handling bumps appropriately as well as quick and responsive steering makes this vehicle have a solid handling on road. Also, firm brakes make an individual drive it confidently. 

Fuel consumption 

Even with such a spry acceleration, Honda has managed to make this hybrid one of the best fuel efficient vehicles on road. According to the EPA, this vehicle will provide 55 mpg when driving inside city limits and on highway 49 mpg for the lighter versions like Insight’s LX trim. 

Now heavier models like Touring, which is much better equipped with tech and more will provide owners with 51 mpg in cities and 45 mpg on highways. To know about the number more or deals available for this vehicle you can consult Honda dealer San Leandro

Models you can purchase 

Honda has kept it simple and offer 3 versions of Insight 2021. The base model LX starts from $24,125 whereas the EX costs $26,005 and Touring $30,035. Most people often opt for EX of Touring depending on their need or customization they require in their vehicle. 

If you are looking to purchase a hybrid vehicle, then all you need to do is simply visit a Honda dealership to check this vehicle with your own eyes and even take a test ride if possible. Once satisfied with it, you can book one to be delivered on a specified date. 

So, get the new Honda Insight 2021 today!

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