Taking a Brief account of the 2021 Model Year Lineup of Genesis Cars


Genesis diverted its way from its parent concern Hyundai to manufacture only premium luxury cars. The brand succeeded in doing so, since the segment of luxury cars now counts the name Genesis among the already established names, and in many cases, the Genesis products are showing higher sales records than many of its strongest contenders. The Genesis models have also bagged a prestigious compliment “Athletic Elegance”, that proves how well these models have secured their place in this higher segment of cars. All this prepares the ground to take serious note of the Genesis models, especially the current year ones, namely the lineup for the year 2021. For this we must thank the Conshohocken luxury Genesis dealer, whose sincere cooperation made things easier for us. 

The Current Year List of Models

The year 2021 brought the latest editions of a handful of luxury sedans and a crossover SUV from the house of Genesis. The list sees the same G70, G80, G90 and GV80 models with some desirable changes up on their sleeves. 

All these 2021 year edition of Genesis models, share some major attributes in common, just to maintain the heritage. The first most noticeable thing to be found in each of these models is the signature grille that sits at the front with a grand posterior. 

All the 2021 Genesis models are based on the same hexagonal shapes, that makes them recognizable even from a good distance. The other common attributes they will invariably share is the skilled craftsmanship, a perfect finishing, and the buttery smooth ride quality, that never gets compromised.

Well-Controlled Power  

It is a known fact that luxury cars need to put their ride quality before everything else. It is the sheer strength of the powertrains that must be able to soak up the road imperfections and keep the occupants oblivious to these challenges. Genesis does this with great expertise. Be it its luxury sedans like the G70, G80, or G90 or its crossover model GV80, Genesis will not compromise in gearing them up with the most powerful engine and the most effective transmission under their hoods. Most of the 2021 Genesis models use turbocharged V6 engines that can smother down the potholes and unexpected bumps on the roads with their vigor. What supports these powertrains at the crucial times is the sharp driving dynamics. A strong chassis, a tighter yet softer suspension, a limited slip differential and highly responsive power steering join hands to make drive a breeze in every 2021 Genesis model. 

Higher Standards of Safety 

The very concept of in-car luxury stays incomplete unless the fear and anxiety factors are permanently addressed. Genesis makes the drivers as well as its occupants free from every kind of anxiety when it comes to their safety. That is why you find a stronger line of standard safety features ensured in every 2021 model year edition of Genesis models, explained a senior sales staff of the Conshohocken luxury car dealer. Latest technology safeguards everyone in and out of the 2021 Genesis models with features like automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitors, adaptive cruise control and many more.

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