What Are The Top Medical Colleges In The World?


Medical courses have reached massive popularity worldwide; a recent survey shows that nearly 40% of students worldwide opt for medical studies these days. Owing to the lack of doctors and medical practitioners, a considerable part of the youth is taking up medicine as their prime area of focus in terms of their career.

Consequently, the competition among various to be the best medical college in the world has also risen by a substantial margin. Due to most such competitors situated in the USA, numerous Indian students prefer the United States as their destination to pursue their higher medical studies. The figure has risen by almost 2% this year from last year.

Unfortunately, the cost incurred to pursue these higher studies abroad can reach substantial heights. Therefore, to mitigate such financial crisis, people can mortgage their property and avail a loan against property. These loans are available at affordable interest rates and can be repaid conveniently.

Top medical colleges to choose from

Due to the presence of a number of top universities in the world it is extremely difficult to select the best one. The US is one of the top destinations for such courses; however, it is better to have prior understanding of the same before you choose the best American universities to pursue your undergraduate degree.

Here is a list of some of the top universities to choose from –

  • Harvard University

This well-known university for any discipline since 1782 is also famous for its medical studies and thereby has become one of the best medical colleges in the world. With an excellent faculty, the university offers courses under two broad categories of Health Science Technology and Pathways.

  • Princeton University

Princeton University greatly boasts of its alumni list that has Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos and President John F. Kennedy to name a few. Students are selected after a rigorous application and interview sessions.

One drawback of such an establishment is that the fees are high which calls for a pre-acknowledgement about how to manage your finances better while studying abroad.

  • Stanford University

The university is considered among the top universities in USA that offers medical degrees. The curriculum is mainly centred at clinical study including in-depth analysis of the same along with enhancing the research skills of the students.

  • Yale University

The university is around two centuries old and has been one of the top providers of education in the medical field since its inception. It was this university where the successful use of penicillin was recorded for the first time ever. The course offered here is quite expensive and can be hard to manage along with the regular expenses.

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Therefore, having a medical degree from one of the best medical colleges in the world could pave the way for you to keep pace with the rapidly changing domain. Medical science is growing in terms of its research areas and therefore is becoming increasingly popular among everyone now-a-days. A renowned university will not only provide you with the right infrastructure but also help you in getting the right exposure required to evolve in the particular area with the right knowledge.

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