Ways To Maintain your Guitar in Brooklyn


As always, keeping your guitar maintained and in perfect condition has nothing but benefits to it. By keeping it in top notch condition, helps save a lot. It also ensures that the guitar you use in the guitar lessons in Brooklyn is top-notch. Guitar maintenance has always been a struggle to many guitarists across Brooklyn. Here are the best maintenance tips for your guitar:

Keep it Clean

A guitar should always be kept clean and never dusty. Once a week clean up the guitar including the hard to reach places like under the strings. If you store it in a case you don’t have to clean it more often. Cleaning up your guitar takes the shortest time and gives you a better feeling immediately. You can also use a guitar polish spray to get some extra shine if you want to be really anal about it. When changing the strings, clean the fretboard very well using a fretboard oil.

Take the Guitar for  a Set-up

At least once a year, take the guitar to a professional technician for a Set-up. A set up is a guitar maintenance appointment. By taking it for a set up will lower the action which is the distance between the fretboard and the strings which makes the guitar way easier and nicer to play. Also set up makes sure that there is no buzzing at any given fret, that the neck is adjusted correctly. A set up costs around $50 plus the cost of a new set of strings. Check out with friends and local guitarists about a good technician who is known for good set ups. You can get referred to a technician at the nyc guitar schools.

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Change strings Regularly

Always keep them fresh. This is the most important factor to get a good sounding guitar. Make sure you only use quality strings and change the strings often. By doing that, you’ll get an amazing guitar in your hands. This is the biggest improvement. Elixir strings sounds bright, lively and very full, just like an acoustic guitar should sound like.

Use a Fretboard and Strings Lubricant

At least once a month, use the fret lubricant for your Fretboard and Strings. Fast fret lubricant is the best for strings. As it makes the strings as smooth as butter to press on. Not any oil can clean up the strings. Try out the fast fret lubricant for your strings you will get amazing results. Fast fret lubricant nourishes and moisturizes the Fretboard so say goodbye to those crackly, dry looking Fretboards.

Benefits of keeping your guitar in good condition

  • Superior playability
  • Stays in better tune
  • More reliable
  • Increased stability
  • The instrument lasts longer
  • Better adjustability
  • Keeping it fresh
  • The instrument retains its value

How to Store Your Guitar

  • Store your guitars in their cases, standing up not lying down with one case on top of another.
  • Keep the string tension on the neck but loosen the strings one or two half steps.
  • If possible store your guitar in a room or closet nearer to the center of the building rather than nearer an outstanding wall.
  • Store vibrato-equipped guitars with the arms detached.

This is how with the very little effort you can always on top of your guitars’ maintenance and make them a joy to play every single day. Go ahead and take care good care of your guitar, take if for a set up, squeeze some Fretboard oil and Chuck some new elixir’s on it. The guitars will smile back every time you pick them up.

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