3 Major Types Boat Flooring


A high-grade boat flooring is not only responsible for giving your boat an exotic look, but it will also be a protective gear for many coming years. There are a few types of boat flooring that hold the highest hype in the market. In this constant battle of which flooring better and why, we will tell you which one is the best for you. Here we will discuss three major types of boat flooring covering every pro and con that you need to know before unleashing them on your high-end investment. 

  1. Vinyl Boat Flooring

You must have already heard of this one. Vinyl is one of the most popular types of boat flooring. Just how it is presumed, marine vinyl rolls are widely loved and appreciated in Australia. Vinyl is the best option for flooring a pontoon boat. If you want to give a minimalistic yet exotic finish to your boat, then you should go for it. They will complement the extraordinary appearance of your boat like no other. 

However, there lies a drawback. Vinyl is not heat resistant. It has a tendency of getting hot if placed under the sunlight for long hours. Likely, walking barefoot in your boat will not be a good idea. Glue the vinyl to your boat then it’s all upon you. Most of the marine vinyl flooring alternatives stick to the boat as it is installed without having to glue it. They are usually UV resistant, so you do not have to worry about the colour damage caused by UV rays. 

  1. Carpet Boat Flooring

Another very famous boat flooring type are carpet tiles. If you want to keep up with the 2020 trends of boat finish, then you should go for this one without a second thought. They look very luxurious and are still available at affordable rates. You can install them without any hectic schedule. 

They just need to be glued. Carpet flooring of boat is however not suitable for fishing. The material of a carpet absorbs liquid and which might damage the colour. Extra precautions have to be taken during water games. If in case, your boat interacts with water then just keep your boat under sunlight for a few hours and you are good to go. 

  1. Wood Boat Flooring 

We know that you were waiting for this one. The history of wood boat flooring speaks volumes about its quality. The major reason behind it being that it looks lavish and is waterproof to a great extent. It can be slightly expensive if you go for a premium-quality wood type. Oak is one such example. It is cost effective. With optimum features and a modern design, it is considered to be a good deal. Wood can sometimes be slippery, so you will have to be careful while walking. Its durability depends upon you. It requires a regular but low maintenance from the owner to be in their standard form for decades. We are sure that the strength of wood is better known by you. 

A certain kind of boat flooring can be everyone’s favorite. But you will have to choose the one that works just fine for you. Having in mind the money aspect, and additional features, suit yourself. The above guide was to direct you towards the final step of deciding life that your floating beast will lead. You can always consult a designated boat flooring service providing company to know what will snug your boat the right way. But make sure that you don’t compromise why deciding the floating of your boat.

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