Valentine’s Day Gift: Secure the Future with Fixed Deposit


As they say, the future can’t be predicted but planned. In the same way, a beautiful and perfect Valentine’s gift for your partner can be planned by you well in advance. While some might like jewellery as a gift, and others might love to have a property bought for them, it’s always a bit confusing. But, one thing that a partner will surely adore is financial security for life as a couple. 

Undoubtedly, there are tons of options for securing your future financially; fixed deposits will always stand out among all of them. One reason among many is that it offers the best FD interest rates for couples. 

Why financial security as Valentine’s gift? 

  • Long-term assurance for the relationship: Every partner looks forward to a future together, and offering a long-term financial commitment will ensure them your commitment and love towards them. You will be reassuring your promise for a beautiful life together. Gone are the days when couples considered money matters only once they’re married. Today, living together marks the essence for a long-term relationship, and hence financial security for the future as a couple is very essential.  
  • Define the goals as future 

Along with a long-term assurance for the relationship, gifting financial security to your partner will give you both a chance to sit and define common goals as a future. They might include buying a house at a particular location or buying a vehicle in the long term. It will serve as a beacon of a common future for you both to work towards.

  • Disclosure in a relationship 

While you must have already disclosed all the facts about your love life and personal life in a relationship, it’s time to talk about your financial realities. Your income, assets, and liabilities that you might deal together in the future; full disclosure of the financial assets can lead to better understanding and co-operation. A transparent and secure future is the key to a happy relationship.

  • A comfortable budget 

Even if you haven’t married your partner yet, a budget and plan for the future ahead are beneficial for the relationship. While you’ve disclosed the assets and decided the common goals, you can both come up with a budget to fulfil your dreams as well as plan for any future uncertainties.

  • Equal together

Ignoring the fact who earns higher than the other, you can ensure your partner that you’re in this together for every situation. You’re equal and would like to fulfil each other’s future goals by working for it together.

Now that you know why financial security is vital for your relationship, you might consider the investment plans for the same. Fixed deposit (FD) is the best available option for multiple reasons which are as following: 

  • It offers guaranteed and secure returns.
  • It provides a higher interest rate than savings accounts.
  • Secure investment option. 

Go ahead and make this Valentine’s more meaningful and memorable for your partner. Do not just propose a future to them but offer a financially secure time together with the best FD rates.

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