The Evolution of Liverpool FC Jersey in the Last Decade


Still, we are very keen to know which brand now endorses Liverpool Jersey. Whatever it is, all the soccer fans out there know that the last 10 years for Liverpool FC were very successful. And hence, we are here to track the evolution of the Liverpool FC Jersey. 

The Evolution from 2010 to 2020

Every Sports club tries to make sure that all its apparel is up-to-date and attracts most soccer players. It’s only fair to consider the commercial part of the game as well. 

  • 2010-11

If you like overly done soccer jerseys, you are definitely like the 2010-11 Liverpool FC Jersey. It had red cortical lines on the Jersey with three parallel straps on the shoulder. The soccer shorts had red stripes on the sides. The Liverpool FC logos were one on the heart and one at the right bottom of the shots. The Jersey was sponsored by Adidas. 

  • 2011-12

In 2011-12, Liverpool FC went with an all-black team which very few expected. Other than that, the design was quite similar to the 2010 jersey with white vertical lines instead of red. Overall, the jersey looked exceptionally stunning. 

  • 2012-13

The 2012-13 Jersey was quite a change over the previous one beside the color theme. It was again an all-black jersey with silver accents all over. The new Jersey had yellow imprints on it that showed standard chartered, a Liverpool FC logo on the same locations, etc. The change was that this time Liverpool FC apparel was sponsored by Warrior instead of Adidas. The silver accents covered the neck the sides of the jersey. 

  • 2013-14

The 2013-14 apparel by Liverpool FC was also sponsored by Warrior. However this time the club went with a white jersey and black shorts. The socks were also white. There were red and black accents all over with the same branding and logos. However, we found 2013-14 Jersey the most unattractive out of the lot. Still, there was a lot of craze for this unique design. 

  • 2014-15

Here came the all yellow Jersey. Everything on it was written in red. The branding of Warrior was now shown on two sides that are on the right side of the chest and the left bottom of the shorts. Red lines were going along the shoulder and along the waist. However, the away jersey was again all black with red accents. 

  • 2015-16

The all-yellow theme was changed with an all-white theme. The only changes were the elimination of red lines and a white color instead of yellow. Else everything was exactly the same. However, another thing with that was changed that it was sponsored by New balance instead of Warrior. Liverpool FC signed a contract with New balance that went on till 2020. 

  • 2016-17

The 2016-17 Liverpool FC Jersey was probably the most attractive. Even though it was all black like before, it had some accents that made it special. New balance did a lot of research on what people like at that time. 

  • 2017-18

The black team was no longer there. Only the information written on the Jersey was printed with black. The jersey had cubes of white and light green. However, it was something that was not that great looking that we were not very fond of. 

  • 2018-19

The latest design of the Liverpool Jersey was purple with black accents. The information written on it was red with all the logos on the same location. Their design was beautiful and well-researched by New balance. 

  • 2019-20

The Liverpool FC apparel is still sponsored by New balance with some contradictions. However, the design was still all black with light blue accents. The information was with a combination of white and light blue colors. Another small touch was the addition of diagonal white lines on the Jersey. 

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