Top 6 River Rafting Spots Near Pune For Adventure lovers


Pune, which is near Western Ghats, offers incalculable experience exercises and is home to a plenty of verifiable spots of stunning normal excellence with a distinctive assortment of vegetation All this, in and around Pine, making it extremely simple for Pune-ites to make the most of their ends of the week.

1. Kundalika River Rafting at Kolad

One of India’s captivating water experience areas for wilderness boating lies in the little town of Kolad in Maharashtra. Wilderness boating is tied in with adjusting, collaboration and riding the rapids. Boating in River Kundalika done over the rapids, which are delivered by the water spouting from the dam during the morning hours.

Kundalika River Rafting is situated in the region of Raigadh close pune in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra which is the place the stunning Kundalika waterway begins and finishes into the Arabian Sea close to the stream at Roha. The waterway moves through the thick timberlands and rice fields of an area of what was before the regal province of Bhor. The encompassing zone is a timberland. A short trek through the grounds woodlands drives one into the Kundalika stream where one can go through a night kayaking and plunging.

2.White Water Rafting in Dandeli

Wilderness boating at Dandeli, is the first of its sort in quite a while. It is 440 kilometers from Pune in Karnataka. The boating is finished utilizing elastic pontoons. It begins at Ganeshgudi as far as possible up to Maulangi Dandeli, covering a stretch of 9.5 km in 3 hours. The boating background merits the movement to Dandeli as the rapids will offer you many exciting boating minutes.

The wilderness boating at Dandeli is truly agreeable and engaging from October to February. Wilderness boating season keeps going from November and goes on till June. A portion of the different audacious exercises that occur at Dandeli are night Camping, Rappelling, Bird locating, Night Boat ride, Adventure trekking, Jungle Safari in open jeep, River Side Fishing, Croc Trek and River Island.

3.Rafting in Kundalika River

Get high with the nerve-tangling knowledge along the rapids that are situated at Saje, a little town on the banks of River Kundalika. Boating in Kundalika River offers experience darlings some spine-chilling encounters in the waters of Kundalika. You will esteem the rapids with fun which shows signs of improvement of you. Having its source in Sahyadri Ranges, this little, beautiful and energizing waterway offers ascend to one of the most astounding White Water Rafting zones near pune.

4.Kundalika Eco Adventure & Rafting Camp, Kolad

The Kundalika Eco Adventure and Rafting Camp is situated on the banks of the boating benevolent stream Kolad, off the Mumbai-Goa roadway. The exceptional part of this camp, is the way that it tests your psychological and physical ability from the time you jump on the pontoon till you get off it.

The stream courses through thick woods and rice fields and this district was at one time the regal province of Bhor. In addition, this stream holds an imposing business model of sorts as it is the main enduring waterway in Maharashtra on which wilderness boating is conceivable. The boating background on this waterway is best in class as it occurs over a 13 km stretch with grade III and grade IV rapids which is like those found in the Himalayan streams.

5.White Water Rafting in Vaitarna River

Prepare set for a 2-hour ride of wild boating background in the Vaitarna River! The dam-subordinate waterway offers captivating rapids just to give you that ‘butterflies in your belly’ feeling as you flood through the harsh waters over the rough rapids on your pontoon. Vaitarna, being one of the significant wellspring of Mumbai’s drinking water, additionally happens to be a decent boating zone having a decent number of rapids that gives rafters a spine-chilling knowledge. It very well may be a decent group building movement for corporate people as the boating sessions happen near Mumbai and Pune.

6.Rafting in Kundalika River at Kolad

Achieve unsteady statures of rough fun with the stunning rapids of Kundalika River which streams with an enchanting perspective from the Bhira Dam, the spouting water from Mulshi Dam adds minute to the stream that makes Kolad River boating zone the most looked for after goal for wilderness boating.

The Kundalika River in Kolad is the most looked for after White Water Rafting goal in Maharashtra, having the “best in class” pontoons and master guides. One could wind up going for boating toward the beginning of the day and be home for lunch or supper which is the thing that makes it the most favored “Day – Trip “experiences for occupied people of Pune.

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