8 things to know while going out for travel


We all dream of travelling around the world, to enjoy the scenery and learn the culture. Travelling is therapeutic, fun, adventurous, and every travel you make teaches you something new. But it is also true that travelling is stressful and can give anxiety to lots of people.

It happens when you don’t properly plan things or pack well for the destination and the journey. Before you set your foot out and get on the plane or bus or car, make sure you know everything that is to know about the place you are going. Also, ensure that you have everything that is needed to make the journey smooth.

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind to make your travelling easy and less stressful.

1. Make a list

The first thing you need to do is create a list using Canva planner. A list will make sure that you don’t forget to pack anything essential, like documents or your passport. Use the planner to make a list of things you need during the journey, and for your destination. Also, use it to write everything that needs to happen before you take off, like paying the rent or so. You don’t want to be disturbed on your vacation for bills and all. 

2. Currency tips

If you are travelling internationally, you would require currency of the destination with you. Therefore, it is best to know the exchange rate before you reach the vacation spot. Also, it is best to exchange the money when you reach the destination, as when you get the money from the ATM, you get better rates. Exchanging money in your country’s airport or bank will make you lose some money.

Also, do inform your bank about overseas travel. Otherwise, they can freeze your account due to suspicious activity.

3. Learn the basic language

You are not going to be fluent in the language of your destination before you set on your travel. But you can learn a few words and phrases. For instance, learning counting of number one to ten in the native language can come in handy while tipping or checking street addresses.

Other phrases to learn are thank you, good morning, and how to say yes or no.

4. Double-check any reservation you make

A day before getting on the plane, make sure to double-check the time and date. The same goes for your hotel and cab and any bookings you made for sightseeing. Also, it is best to have the details in either print or at one place on your phone. Don’t rely on messages only.

 5. Transportation mode

When you reach the destination, how will you travel? It is something that you need to know and take care of beforehand. Depending on the location you are travelling, you might not be able to take cabs everywhere, metro may be a better choice. Or you can rent a car, make sure to check all the renting companies and their prices in advance.

Furthermore, get a rail-pass and know all about the rail schedule and prices if you are going to Europe as it is best to travel via rail there.

Ferries are also a mode of transport in many places. In short, knowing how to get around in the city, you are planning to stay in, is imperative.

6. Pack according to the weather

When you are packing, firstly pack light. As per your travel schedule; take a few clothes, but make sure they are according to the weather. You can always take one or two things for other weather. Also, keep space in your suitcase for all the things that you will buy there, you don’t want to pay for extra. Right?

Also, pack your documents (have photocopies, too), toiletries, medicines, and anything, that might be hard to find there.

7. Get your bearings first

If you feel a bit disoriented after reaching your destination, it is best to take things slow. You don’t have to rush into doing adventurous things. Take a cab to the hotel, and relax. After that, you can start doing adventurous things.

8. Culture

Learn a bit about the culture of the place you are going to. For instance, you should not show PDA while in Saudi-Arabia, or you shouldn’t enter a temple in India with shoes on. Knowing the dos and don’ts of culture is imperative so that you don’t do something to offend the locals.

With these tips, you will travel better!

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