Top 4 Career Options in Cyber Security


As the demand for a qualified candidate in the field of cyber security grows, there are many programs that are opened to train people in this field. These cyber security associate degrees are offered online as well as traditional college courses. Students who want to get an associate degree can do so either by attending onsite classes, which are more common, or by studying through correspondence or distance learning. Most associate degrees that are offered online still require classroom instruction but there are now classes that are available through the Internet.

There is a wide range of jobs in the cyber world, which makes it important to have a broad knowledge. An Associate’s degree in this field may take a year or two to complete depending on the school’s requirements. There will be reading, laboratory work, and clinical experience involved in the program. There are also several opportunities for internships in the field, which will be paid and can be really valuable experience.

1. One of the most popular choices for cyber security professionals is to become a computer security analyst. The program will require more technical training, but many times these positions can be filled by trainees who already have some experience. In this position, the job requires the individual to analyze computer systems to find vulnerabilities and use countermeasures to stop attacks. Students will learn about intrusion detection, response, and protection, all of which are necessary for the job. A successful analyst must have good mathematical skills and be able to work independently. Many companies are also looking for employees with experience in network security to fill these positions.

2. Network security is one of the top career options in cyber security. This field involves protecting networks from unauthorized access, which requires a thorough understanding of how the system works. It is also necessary to understand how hackers gain access to secure computer systems, and be able to block their advances. Graduates looking for work in this field should have an interest in math and computer science. The demand for qualified professionals in this area is expected to grow significantly over the next few years, and some studies show a predicted growth of approximately 29 percent through 2021.

3. Computer security professionals may also choose to become a security engineer. These positions require some hands on training, but typically do not involve long hours. They usually start out as interns and are hired on after the internships are completed. Security engineers will review the inner workings of computer systems and recommend changes that might prevent problems in the future. Jobs in this field are typically less demanding than those in other security positions, although employers are still looking for technically skilled workers with a high level of knowledge. Graduates interested in this field should have an associate’s degree in computer science or security engineering.

4. Security professionals can also choose to become a risk assessor, which involves investigating threats to a system and suggesting solutions. While these jobs generally do not require a security degree, they are in high demand due to their specialized nature. Many businesses have systems that are very important to them, and if something were to go wrong, the company could lose a lot of money. Someone with this type of skill would be ideal for a number of different positions within a security firm. As you can see, there are many top 4 career options in cyber security, and the one you choose will depend on your personal interests and skills.

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