Signs It’s Time to Hire Septic Tank Installation Contractors


If you don’t know much about septic tanks, you aren’t going to know when something is going wrong. There are signs that you should be watching out for so you know when you have to pick up the phone and start contacting septic tank installation contractors.

The main things to watch out for when you are concerned about your septic tank are problems flushing the toilet, gurgling sounds in the pipes, a backup of water, slow draining, grass that’s unusually green, bad smells, and areas of standing water.

When it’s Time to Call Septic Tank Installation Contractors

A septic tank issue isn’t going to be something that you can handle on your own in most instances. Septic tank installation contractors should be contacted when you are dealing with any of the following issues:

Problems flushing the toilet – it could be a slow flush or no flush at all. When a plunger doesn’t take care of it, there’s most likely a broader problem in the septic system. It could be something as simple as a pump out that’s needed, or there could be a clogged pipe. It’s one of the septic services across the Danbury that can be handled by the professionals.

Gurgling sounds in the pipes – when you flush the toilet and hear all kinds of gurgling noises, it may mean there is a problem, or the tank is full.

A backup of water – if sewage has backed up into the house or your water is backing up in other areas, it’s time to call for septic services across the Danbury for help. Backup in the sewage is the worst thing that can happen when your septic system is failing.

Slow draining – could call for help from either your septic company if it’s a septic issue or a plumbing company if there are problems with the pipes keeping your water from draining.

Grass that’s unusually green – the reason for the sudden patch of beautiful grass isn’t because of it just being healthier. It’s probably getting extra fertilizer down near the roots because of a failing septic system.

Bad smells – when raw sewage is escaping your septic tank,  you’re going to smell rotten eggs. Get closer to it, and if the smell gets worse, you need to call septic tank installation contractors.

Standing water – this is a health risk as it indicates that the septic system is failing and water or sewage is collecting in the drain field.

What Does Septic Installation Cost?

If your septic tank issues are bad enough and you need an entirely new system put in, the average cost is around $5,300. For a three bedroom home, a 1,000-gallon tank can be installed for approximately $3,000. The tank costs between $600 and $1000 by itself.

However, if you catch the problem early enough and you just need it to be pumped out, that’s only cost around $200 in most areas. That should be done every year to three years to keep it running correctly.

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