Neck pain-Is your pillow the culprit


We all spend one-third of our day in bed sleeping or taking rest. And still, we haven’t given much attention to the pillows means its pathetic. Sleeping is a critical recovery period for our body and mind after a full day-long work or stress. Waking up with pain in the back, neck or in the entire body won’t be nice for a good day start. A bard pillow can worsen your day and is the most susceptible area will be the neck region. The best pillows are relative and they vary from person to person. According to the body weight, sleeping posture and neck structure one has to choose the right pillow.

Pillow related neck pain

One may encounter the severe back or neck problems after every night’s prolonged sleep. Even if you think you have got the right pillow, the following factors may cause neck pain.

  • The pillow may be too thin or thick
  • For your sleeping posture, the current pillow is not suitable.
  • The pillow is the heat causing agent and leads to over sweating
  • The pillow fails to meet the supportive needs of your back and neck

It is always better to figure out the actual cause of your neck pain and if it is the pillow, you can easily buy the pillow online. Among the wide variety available there, you can go for the one which suits you the most.

Match your pillows o the sleeping position

Choosing a pillow is never a herculean task but if you are suffering from serious neck pain, you might have to spend time in selecting your pillow. According to your sleeping positions you can choose the right pillow from the different varieties. Some of the common sleeping postures and the right pillow for them are given below.

  • Side:   This is one of the common sleeping postures where a lot of support is in need of the neck and shoulder portions. The traditional pillow with fibre or shredded foam will do good. But one can enhance the support with the use of cervical pillows. You may get relief from many of the joint pains and arthritis problems with the proper side sleeping.
  • Back:   This posture is considered as one of the best sleeping postures for getting the proper rest to all the body parts. The traditional pillows will work fine for the back sleepers also. But he contoured cervical pillows will do wonders for the neck pain. This will cradle the neck with proper positioning.
  • Stomach:   Though this posture is great to support the digestive system, it is not advisable to the persons with back pain. The special care should be given on the pillow selection for those people and better use the thinnest pillows. The custom-made pillows will be a great blessing for such individuals.

In brief,

Make sure that all your resting needs are supported with your mattress and pillows. Selecting the good pillows and beds can greatly influence your health and they can make each day better.

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