Luminous Home Ups – The Best Choice for Receiving Uninterrupted Power Supply


Uninterrupted power source or UPS is an electronic device that provides an auxiliary power supply for electronic devices when the main power fails. The power supply which the ups provide through the energy stored in a connected battery can sustain electronic devices for a substantial period. There are various brands and companies which provide ups of different voltage and power supply capacities. Ups and batteries for powering up electronic devices like computers can be used at homes and offices.

Out of all the brands and companies manufacturing ups and batteries, luminous provides the best ups for home and offices. There are various features and benefits which luminous ups provide to individuals for powering up their electronic devices.

  • Load taking capacity:

Luminous ups and batteries have extensive load capacities which have the potential to power up numerous electronic devices. An individual can power up various electronic devices. Moreover, luminous ups has extensive extra load taking capacity using which an individual can power up extra devices.

  • inbuilt thermal management and load handling capacity:

Luminous ups has inbuilt thermal management system and extensive load taking capacity which an individual can handle without breaking any sweat. Luminous ups has inbuilt intelligent thermal management system using which the system automatically shuts down upon overload overheating.

  • ECO battery-saving handling modes:

Luminous ups also come with a feature of ECO battery-saving handling mode using which the ups can handle the extensive load and can even save battery life. Moreover, electronic devices like kitchen appliances and computers which need to be protected from heavy electrical loads are saved using ECO mode.

  • Supports a wide range of batteries:

Luminous ups of varying voltage can support a wide range of batteries. An individual can connect a tubular, Flat Plate and SMF battery which can be fitted without causing any kind of damage to the ups. Moreover, batteries with varying power output and load taking capacities can be used. Internal eco-friendly features of the luminous ups help save battery life which proves to be convenient for home and office users requiring continuous power supply at the time of short circuits and voltage fluctuations.

  • AC and DC output:

Luminous solar ups has both AC and DC output which is considered as the most unique feature of any ups sold by various other companies in the world. One can use appliances and electronic gadgets requiring AC and DC output or power supply.

  • fast charging by using less electricity:

Luminous ups also promote fast charging by consuming the least electricity. Various types of luminous ups with fast charging capabilities use less electricity which helps an individual save on his or her electricity bill. One can save almost 30% of electricity by installing luminous ups and batteries at home and offices.

  • Power and charging indicator display:

Modern luminous ups display power and charging indicators which help individuals to a great extent. One can get timely information regarding necessary information through the digital display installed on modern ups system.

These features and benefits make luminous home ups the best selection for installation. One can be sure of receiving all the benefits upon installation of luminous ups and batteries available at affordable prices.

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